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Macomb County Jail

43565 Elizabeth Road
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043

Interview with Stan, Rich and Claudia

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Stan: 2 weeks
Rich: The sentencing imposed was for a period of one hundred-twenty days in the county jail.
Claudia: I was sentenced in 365 days to be served in the macomb county jail with credit for 305 days already served then release from probation with improvement met.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Stan: Yes. normal for charges.
Rich: After the sentencing hearing, I was brought back into the holding cell. It is the routine practice for anyone in custody, or placed into custody, to be immediately brought to the holding cell no matter what the actual purpose for the hearing was. Of course, as might be expected, other inmates are very interested in what charges you were brought to court on, in addition to seeking out 'jailhouse lawyer' advice from the 'more experienced' (veteran criminals) for how to proceed when they express frustration with the outcome of their own hearing or the representation provided by their own attorneys. It seems that individuals with long 'rap sheets' (histories of prior convictions or police involvement) may for no particularly good reason at all walk out of a situation with a minimal penalty, while others present on the same day in the same court, possible before the same judge, might receive a penalty that seems harsh on its own, let alone in comparison with what the other inmates coming over for even more significant offense may have received that day. The men's holding cell is about the size of two broom closets, with a dirty toilet/sink combination structure that sometimes is filled with urine and feces and toilet paper, and out-of-maintenance (not flushing). There is a small window with a sliding cover that allows the bailiff/sheriff/etc. to obstruct view of the hallway when desired, or to communicate or summon the inmate that he has been asked to enter the courtroom. On one of my hearings, two individuals who entered in their best court clothing, out on bond or on the street, obviously intending not to face any term of imprisonment or incarceration, ended up being put in the holding cell with us and transferred back with us to jail for booking (presumably for a bond revocation/violation, probation violation, or being sentenced for a crime to a jail term).
Claudia: yes you always spend time in holding cells in macomb county jail before and after court and when being booked in or booked out of the jail. The holding cells there are disgusting they are very dirty from people detoxing and getting sick all over the place. they smell terrible. Even if you call for an officer they ignore you and when they do come they are extremely mad that you felt the need to bother them no matter what the problem is.It is ALWAYS freezing cold in there also!

Life On the Inside
Up until 1969, the old Macomb County Jail which could keep 100 inmates locked up proved to be too small so a new jail was built. The current version of the Macomb County Jail can now hold double the amount of inmates. Other additions for a work release bunk house increase the capacity even further.

Inmates are given access to educational programs which can let them earn a GED or prepare them for work through vocational training. There are also classes offered to help with life skills like parenting, anger management and substance abuse.

Aside from the commonality of actually serving time, every former inmate can bond over the lousy food they were served. "Lousy" in this case is based on the reviews of former inmates. Although the 3 meals a day might not hold a lot of appeal, every inmate is given the opportunity to buy items from the commissary.

Inmates are allowed to play cards, watch TV or sit around and chat when lockdown conditions aren't happening. When that goes down, each inmate is confined to their cell or bed for the duration.

Good Behavior Policy
In the Macomb County Jail trouble on an inmate's record is referred to as an "occurrence." When an inmate has an occurrence they put any reduction of their sentence at risk. The basic level of that reduction is two days off per week.

Visit and Telephone Policy
Visits are permitted at the jail throughout the week from 1 to 9. Each inmate is allowed a single weekly visit of up to 30 minutes provided they didn't earn an "occurrence." If an inmate has their visitation revoked it is up to them to inform their visitor.

Visitors should allow ample time to keep the scheduled appointment and be properly checked into the jail. This check in consists of reviewing the ID and a possible search.

There are phones situated in each other housing units that prisoners are granted access to during the day. The inmates can only make outgoing collect calls and all the normal charges would apply to each call.

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