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Interview with Reggie, Sarah, Brenda, Mike and Will

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Reggie: I didn't really have any problems. Wake county jail gives you a classification basd upon your charge, gang affliation, and things of that nature
Sarah: Absolutely. I'm a friendly sort, and the other ladies were very angry, bitter, and hostile. The guards were my only contact, and they were rude, promise you something then don't, and spend a lot of time down the hall laughing and telling jokes with each other until the Lieutenant came by. The guards' language was pretty foul. I came out swearing, which I eventually learned to curb, and with a bitter chip on my shoulder and mistrust of others I have not forgotten.
Brenda: yes i dont do well being with other in a room or lock in a room were i cant get out i have pankic attack really bad it suck too
Mike: Some, I guess It's not really a place where you go to meet friends. We're all there for nearly the same reason and if not the same charges then we're all there cause whatever we did was enough to put us behind bars. That's really all you have in common with the other inmate and It's not much to spark a conversation about. I'm not saying I don't think there was potentially good people in there It's just we all kept to ourselves and did our time.
Will: It was not too hard to get along with the other inmates. It was very important to keep a respectful distance from other convicts. Being aware of racial affiliations was also key.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Reggie: You can stay to yourself or stay out of cliques
Sarah: While in the holding cell, I sat quietly and moved away when my space was challeged. I tried to keep my eyes down and pretend to be napping. Other than that, I was in solitary the whole time.
Brenda: be all along in you cell locked in you cell either sleep or read books try to make friends and not to piss anyone off it hard to please everyone some people dint want help they one to figure it out them self the hard way because they have trust issue
Mike: I'm a shy to-myself type of person to begin with and I'm betting that's what kept me out of trouble while I was there. But from observations and just common sense I was suggest that not getting involved in any gambling, drama, gangs etc etc with help you tremendously avoid any problems.
Will: To avoid fights and problems you had to keep your mouth shut and be sure to always mind your own business. That meant, even if you saw something or heard something, you were expected to pretend you didn't. Some fights are unavoidable and I had three such instances occur. I stood my ground and prepared myself for a fight, once on the yard, and twice while working in the kitchen.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Reggie: no you are in a dorm environment or there are 1 man cells
Sarah: No cellmate, would love to have had company. I was kept in solitary after I was strip searched, my but-hole checked, and dressed in jail clothes.
Brenda: all times day and night and no if your friend came in the got put some were other then were you which was bullshit when you always need should to cry on
Mike: No, this is not your high school dorms your thinking of. It's what ever is assigned, where ever there is room for someone. Unless they know your gang affiliated and putting that person is your cell would be a bad choice, then your stuck with whom ever they give you.
Will: We had no cell mates. We all slept in shotgun style houses with sixty to sixty four other convicts. We did share bunk beds with another man and you could request a change if you had a big problem.

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