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Tulsa County Jail

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Interview with Nicole, Toby, Donald, Manuel, Jimmie, Jack, David, Rhonda, Paul, Mike, Barbara, Leo and Liz

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Nicole: 2 yrs incarceration, 3 yrs suspended.
Toby: 10 years
Donald: All my charged got deferred.
Manuel: 3 years department of corrections supervised probation
Jimmie: 5 years federal and my state charges ran cc with the fed time
Jack: I received 3 years probation
David: My sentencing on this account was one night
Rhonda: I got 7 years 4 in and 3 out if I don't make it through the program and if I do deferred sentence of 4 years.
Paul: Unknown
Mike: Six months incarceration county time
Barbara: Went in march 17 got out march 21
Leo: 6yrs, and 3yrs
Liz: I did not get sentenced for this,I was not convicted.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Nicole: yes. horrible.
Toby: Yes, holding cells are extremely noisy and dangerous places that are usually full of gang members and other undesirables. In my case, a convicted sex offender is looked down upon by all the scumbags because they feel they have finally found someone that they are better than. If you find yourself in this situation, hopefully you know how to fight or are a quick learner. Blacks never fight alone. Luckily, I am highly trained in hand to hand combat and was able to seriously injur a few people during my incarceration and as a result of that and my ability to read above four letter words and do legal work, everyone wanted to be friendly with me despite my having such screwed up charges.
Donald: I spend a couple days in jail before let out.I was sent to a pod. There is where I stayed. I spent most of the time sleeping in a fiberglass bed with a sheet.
Manuel: Yes they put you back in a holding cell after you get sentenced then transfer you back to the jail to be processed for release which takes about 8 hours could be more
Jimmie: yeah they keep you in a holding cell until they transport you back to the jail where they hold you until you "pull chains" which is go to prison they call it that because they cuff, shackle, and chain you together at the waste
Jack: I was released to probation. I had to set up a payment plan, community service and probation. They transferred my probation to another city. I have been in holding cells before and it sucks.
David: No I did not spend time in,a holding cell I spent the night in a pod with other inmates wasnt that bad by the time I,woke up they were releasing me.
Rhonda: yes I after I sentenced I went back to a holding cell until that had a certain amount of people to go back to the county then we were chained together and put in a van with no windows except one in the back with women who hadn't showered or brush their teeth in God only knows how long.
Mike: Yes, I spent what seemed like forever. I was probably in the holding cell for 6 hours or more. In the holding cell you are detained with other persons being charged with various charges. It was my first jail experience. All I could think of were shows like, lockdown, scared straight, etc. It was quite unnerving.
Barbara: It was open cell i was on the tope bunk the food was disgusting and the cool aid they gave uso said not for human consumption
Leo: yes, horrible I had to sit there for hours at a time
Liz: I was let go after court. I was not convicted of anything. I got my license before my final court date and showed it in court. I also had proved that I was not drunk.

If you or a loved one will be serving time in the Tulsa County Jail, you may be wondering what life is like on the inside. Going to jail can be a scary experience. However, with the right information, you can feel better prepared for your experience.

We have gathered information about day to day life at the Tulsa County Jail by interviewing people who have already served time there. The information compiled below is based on those interviews. To the left of this article, the links will lead you to the actual interviews themselves.

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Passing the Time
One of the most difficult aspects of serving time is dealing with boredom. Tulsa County Jail has some activities that help the inmates stay busy. They offer church, various classes, games and books. The books are easily accessible and available on a regular basis, so if you like to read, you're in luck. The jail also gives the inmates access to an exercise yard.

Tulsa County serves three meals each day to the inmates but the food is rated poorly. Snacks outside of meals are only served to pregnant inmates. If you want to have a choice about what you eat, or if you want snacks, you should plan to have someone put money on your books so you can order items off commissary. This can make your time a little easier.

In Tulsa County, the uniforms worn by inmates consist of orange scrubs and flip flops. The newer scrubs are in high demand, so if you have a choice when your clothes are issued, try to get one of these sets. The men and women wear the same orange uniforms in this jail.

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