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Visitor Policy

Interview with Charles, Rich, Kevin, Molly, Jeremy, Chad and Laura

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Charles: Twice a month.
Rich: you were allowed 2 visits a week for 30 minutes each
Kevin: Twice a week for an hour (for trustees) and for pods the visits are half an hour.
Molly: once/ week
Jeremy: twice weekly for 15 minutes.
Chad: two 30 minute or one one hour visit a week
Laura: dont know if it was weekly or bi weekly that visitors were allowe to come.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Charles: Didn't have a visitor.
Rich: yes you have to get there at least 15 before time or you cannot visit. i have visited other inmates since my release
Kevin: No, they simply told the officer who they were there to visit, showed their form of identification and waited until it was time to come back. My girlfriends liked the officers and thought they were very friendly and talked to several of them that she became acquainted with while waiting.
Molly: no
Jeremy: Yes
Chad: you must be on the list and arrive 30 minutes prior to the visit
Laura: again i was there for 2 days and 1night. I didnt have an the chance to get any of thid infornation. if i could guess they probably did take there time

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Charles: I wouldn't know.
Rich: it was clean but very noisy and crowded. you sit on a metal stool and talk on a phone and there is a solid glass wall between you and the visitor so contact is impossible
Kevin: There were several tables with four chairs each and a door on either side of the room, one that the visitor entered through and the other I entered through. There was a window that we were watched through in the control room.
Molly: glass with phones
Jeremy: Through a glass window with telephones that performed very poorly and were full of defects
Chad: through glass, spoke over a phone
Laura: im not sure i didnt get the chance to have any visitors. Im not real sure how tge area was what it was like. didnt hear anyone talking about it. i didnt care to ask had no plans on having any visitors or being there long enough to do so.

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