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Interview with DL.Bliss, Keith, Michelle and Roxy

JM: What clothes could you have brought in to wear in the jail (underwear, socks, etc.)?
DL.Bliss: navy blue scrub-like top and bottoms, flip flop shoes.
Keith: Tank tops thermals shirt or bottom blacks socks or white tee shirt white only underwear boxer of any sort
Michelle: had to buy thru commisary
Roxy: White tee shirts white socks glasses wedding ring regular white panties regular white sports bra

JM: If you had a set uniform, what did it look like? Please be specific about each piece of clothing issued to you.
DL.Bliss: yes.
Keith: I had scrubs blue top blue bottom until i got to g building where i was issued uniform blue shirt button down blue jeans dickies
Michelle: a nurses smock
Roxy: Your issued scrubs at first orange scrubs then when job release accept you you change to blue button dickie shirt blue scdc jeans black boots

JM: Were there any assigned clothes in high demand that an inmate should look for when getting clothing assigned?
DL.Bliss: no
Keith: Yes grey scrubs they neve have them strictly blues or mixmatched
Michelle: no
Roxy: Not really other than everyone wants the clothes thats new and never been wkrn before

JM: Was the clothing different between men and women?
DL.Bliss: not sure
Keith: Yes it was men blues and greys women burgundy
Michelle: yes
Roxy: Yes it was except work release clothes

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