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Interview with castly and Sarah

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
castly: Wow, talk about a scary process. To start, I was appointed a state appointed attorney whose job was to explain the various procedures outlined and involved in on my governed case. He explained that I would be held in this facility for a longer period of time than I expected. In total we met on 9 occasions and he thoroughly discussed my options and what I should expect from the govening judge. I tried to tell him that I was innocent of the crimes I was charged with, but he said it was beyond his realmof control to intervene regarding the charges. Together we laid our defense plan out and rehearsed the plan several times so we would get the best and lowest sentence.
Sarah: before you are senetenced all you have is time to think about what you have done and what has led you to where you are now. i was nervous listening to everyone around me. of coarse there were people telling me i was gonna get 10 years for my crime then there were the positive people who said i would just get probation since this was my first offence but as far as pre sentencing it is nerve wrecking you have to learn to just relax and realize nobody knows what the judge is going to say

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
castly: Yes, the police did stop by the residents where I was living at, during the time of my unfortunate arrest. They explained that I was to arrive at the Police station for a formal charging and questioning or interragation.They arrived at the residents in the middle of the day around 2:00pm. They were professional in their appearance and did not over abuse their presence.
Sarah: no

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
castly: The court appearance was quite confusing. The area was hard to find and we had to make several phone calls to make it to the correct appointed room for my case. It was quite noisy and quite tedious as there were people everywhere. We had to wait in long lines for half the earlier part of the day to get our chance to have our case sought by the employees. I sensed a corrupt and cohersed atmosphere with it being similar to a circus like environment. The people in the court room were all mad and the judge and gaurds were laughing because they seemed to feel like they were the upholder of some out of date preceedings.
Sarah: going to court was exciting because you finally get to learn your fate. after all the talk in the cell about what could, should, and proably will happen you are about to learn first hand. its not as scary as the beginig of your trip there are going to be others in there with you just as scared as you are

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