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Visitor Policy

Interview with castly and Sarah

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
castly: In my circumstance, I only had close family members pay bi-weekly visits to me. From my understanding though, visitation rights had much to do with the policy of good behavior. There were some inmates who had daily visitors and some did not have any visitation right at all. My family member(being my sister and brother) would visit me every other week. There were a few occasions when my lawyer paid me visits to let me know of new details regarding my case load.
Sarah: twice a week

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
castly: No one ever mentioned anything regarding the process of entrance into the prison in terms of visitor or family members. I do know that my relatives had to be closely scrutinized regarding exactly what they were allowed to bring into the interviews and what they were not allowed to bring into the interviews. I never ask them how long and tedious the process was and they never mentioned to me whether it was time consuming or not.
Sarah: no upshur county is not a real big jail

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
castly: Basically, it was an enclosed room with multiple seats or visiting stations. There were employees of the facility overseeing all aspects of the visiting patron. Some on the inmates were behind closed windowed rooms and some were allowed to see their friends or family member in a one to one type setting. Close supervision was upheld regarding items which were being held or carried by the visitors. The environement was very quite and seemed almost as if it were a institution type setting with a sad type affiar presentation.
Sarah: horrible nasty and not na enviorment for grandparents to visit

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