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Kern County Jail

1415 Truxtun Ave
Bakersfield, CA 93301
(661) 868-6850

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Life On The Inside
The Kern County Jail is situated in the heart of downtown Bakersfield, California. A lot of the inmate population at Kern County has some kind of gang affiliation. That is why the correction staff does their best effort to house gang members together. If they can keep the gangs apart they can keep the peace, so the theory goes.

The inmates are given access to an outdoor yard on a daily basis as long as the jail isn't on lockdown. A policy was recently enacted to remove the weights from the jail because prisoners were getting too much in shape. Now most of the exercises involve calisthenics like pushups, sit ups, etc.

For meals inmates are given two cook and one sack meal per day. This is an obvious message to cut back on food costs at the facility. Inmates can satisfy their hunger pangs by ordering from the commissary at least once a week.

As for clothing, inmates are issued either a brown or orange top depending on their status. Many of the inmates at Kern County Jail are on some form of work release program which allows them to be bused outside of the jail for work and returned at the end of the day. Most likely they will be wearing their prison uniforms to identify them. You'll probably see a lot of orange shirts in the farm fields around Bakersfield on any given day.

Good Behavior Policy
Like the rest of the state of California, inmates at Kern County Jail can earn one day of good time for every day served on their sentence. Of course, that good time can also be just as quickly wiped out if the inmate gets into fights, is caught with contraband or doesn't follow orders of the correctional staff.

Visitor and Telephone Policy
Inmates are granted two visit sessions each with lasting 30 minutes per sessions. The visiting environment is just what you would expect from a jail with a glass partition and communication through a two-way telephone. All visitors have to present a valid photo ID card upon check-in even if you are visiting on multiple occasions.

Inmates are allowed to purchase pre-paid calling cards to make outgoing collect calls from the jail. These cards are sold at the commissary.

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