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Cobb County Jail

1825 County Services Pkwy SW
Marietta, GA 30008
ph. (770) 499-4200

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Life On The Inside
The first version of the Cobb County Jail was built in 1846. There have been many variations built and rebuilt since then. The current campus was constructed in 1989 and went through an expansion towards the end of the 90s to allow for housing of up to 2,048 inmates.

The design of the jail was meant to encourage "nominal inmate movement." This means putting the inmates in cells. Over the years, they have been transformed into a more dormitory type of accommodations. There are four pods with each pod having six blocks.

As for leisure time, inmates can look forward to cards, checkers, chess or the occasional television viewing. Most prefer to stay close to their cells and read. A common complaint among many former inmates is the level of constant noise. Apparently there is a lot of shouting that goes on at all hours of the day and night. It doesn't help that the lights are kept on all the time as well. Inmates are allowed outdoor time at least once a week.

Getting by in Cobb County Jail
In terms of the meals, it has been described as "worse than the worst school cafeteria food." Inmates are allowed commissary privileges if they have money on their account and haven't been written up by the guards for a disciplinary action.

Because of the size of the staff compared to the inmate population, medical attention is not always instantly accessible. Even asking for over the counter medications like aspirin requires the inmate to fill out a form. By the time they get the pills their headache could be gone.

Good Behavior Policy
An inmate serving time in Georgia is allowed a day off for a day served. This good time goes into effect after the first five days that a sentence has begun. There are restrictions as to who will be granted this good time. Anyone who is convicted of a sex crime, assault on a police officer or other types of violent offenses won't be eligible.

Visitor and Phone Policy
Visits at the Cobb County Jail are conducted by way of video conferencing. To visit an inmate you will first need to be put on a list by that inmate. You'll then have to call the jail to schedule an appointment. When you register for the first visit you'll have your photo taken and be fingerprinted. There are only 2 visitors per inmate per session.

As for the phones, inmates can make collect calls from the prison between nine in the morning and ten at night provided there is no disciplinary action against them. There are no incoming calls for inmates.

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