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Monmouth County Jail

1 Waterworks Road
Freehold, NJ 07728-4299
(732) 431-7860

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Monmouth County Correctional Institution is located, ironically, in Freehold, New Jersey. It has an average inmate population of around 1200 men and 150 women. If you are headed to the Mounmouth County Jail (also known as Monmouth County Correctional Institution), we can help you understand what the jail is like and what you can expect during your time there. We have interviews from actual inmates to help anyone headed to jail (or their family member or loved ones) understand what really goes on in the jail.

If you're going to be locked up for a week or a year, knowing what to expect can help prepare you for life inside MCCI. Some advice from a former inmate included wearing two pairs of underwear and having a friend or family member set  up a commissary account right away. Commissary is important because, even though inmates are served three meals a day, the food might not be what you like or are used to, and commissary can help fill in the gaps between what you're served and what you like to actually eat.

If you've spent time at the MCCI, we'd love to hear form you. Feel free to fill out an interview and share your experience. If you've got a question, check out our questions and answers page. Ask a question, and chances are, someone that's been here will be able to answer it.

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