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Visitor Policy

Interview with Deidre

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Deidre: Once every two weeks for about fifteen to thirty minutes on a Saturday afternoon unless we were locked down and had visitation taken away.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Deidre: I am not sure. I did not have any visitors while I was there. I do not know if people were patted down, but I do know a guy was told to leave when he answered his cell phone and did not get off of it quick enough.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Deidre: Horrendous. People came in down the walk and stood in front of their family memebers cell, they had to stand behind a yellow line, so that there was no chance of contact for everyones safety. There was a jailor present at all times. Family and friends saw their family inside their cell with three other women.

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