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Interview with Lindsay and Bryce

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Lindsay: For the most part no because I stayed to myself but I almost got in a fight because one girl talked loud all the time bothered everyone but I realized wasn't worth getting in more trouble
Bryce: No I pretty much got along with everybody. Houston county is not that big so I knew alot of people from the street. Also I, knew alot of the from the job I used to do a a club I worked at.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Lindsay: Mainly just keep away and ignore them as hard as it is I would read a lot or write lettered anything to keep my mind off the nasty women around me and its hard when you know they are trying to push your buttons a lot of them thrive on drama
Bryce: There was nothing really special that I did. Its like most jails not prisons ifvyou don't really bother anybody none will bother you probably. But if you have that many angry people in one place some thing is bound to happen sooner or later. Its alot if distrusted people in jail.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Lindsay: No I was in an open dorm with like 30 women and you cannot chose who you want as a bunkie because they do not want you to get anything you want
Bryce: Hell no you can't change a cellmate and who ever wrote these questions know that. Cellmates aren't changed that often cause it takes people so long to go anywhere. So the answer to your question is no.

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