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Interview with Guero 1, Jim, Ricky, Bernard, Cora, Roy, Mario, Kayla and Evan

JM: What clothes could you have brought in to wear in the jail (underwear, socks, etc.)?
Guero 1: oarange suit with a white undershirt
Jim: pants socks/underwear
Ricky: Yes about one or two pairs of underwear and one or two pairs of socks.
Bernard: You get to keep your sock, underwear and if you have a plain white shirt you can bring that in. You could buy underwear and socks through commissary but they were expensive. So lets say if you were arrested without wearing any underwear or socks, then you would not have any unless you bought them.
Cora: You are given a list and you can bring in 7 white tees, 7 underwear, 7 socks and I think 5 bras. Then if you are on work release you can bring in your uniform or else other clothes to leave in. No tank tops and shorts and skirts must be an appropriate length. You are also assigned a locker in the lobby of the jail to keep anything else you need for work you can't take in like shoes, hygiene etc
Roy: Only thing is your socks, other than that you arre issued orange top and bottom pajamas and these brown snadles.
Mario: The only clothes I was allowed to keep was unerwear and socks. All my other clothes were put into holding until my release.
Kayla: certain underwear, socks, and certain bras. in prison you cant bring anything in, everything is sate issue.
Evan: The only clothing I was allowed to bring into the jail was underwear and the socks that I was wearing.

JM: If you had a set uniform, what did it look like? Please be specific about each piece of clothing issued to you.
Guero 1: yes all oarange
Jim: orange
Ricky: An orange shirt and pants with a white t-shirt underneath. Either a pair of deck shoes or shower shoes. White boxers or briefs and white tube socks.
Bernard: You had an orange smock that said Pima County Jail on it. Orange smock-like pants that also said Pima County Jail down the side of it, stretchy waist, no pockets. Footwear was rubber sandals. I guess if you had the $30 to spend on shoes, you could buy a pair of blue and white deck shoes, or it was orange and white( I can't remember). I just wore the sandals.
Cora: We had to wear a red smock and red pants. They weren't very comfortable especially if they were brand new but we hardly saw any new ones. The pants had an elastic band and then pretty straight cut through the leg. The top had a vneck cut with short sleeves. Both had Pima County Jail stamped on them in black. Other than that you are also issued jail sandals which are an ugly tan color that slip on.
Roy: Orange with black lettering indicating the jail, example: Pima Jail, Nothing but Orange top, like you see people in the medical field wear, with the bottoms to match. that is it.
Mario: The uniform given to me was just your plain orange uniform. Two pieces top and bottom, they were in great shape and fit real good.
Kayla: everything had to fit length and width. you had an orange t-shirt that had to be tucked into your stretch waist orange pants at all times. in prison you are required to wear your hair up at all times if it exceeds collar length ad you are required to wear socks and shoes at all times unless you are in your cell. you had an optional smock to put over your t-shirt that was always required when moving outside of the housing unit.
Evan: In the main jail, we wore orange shirts and orange pants. They were heavy material and they were somewhat uncomfortable mainly because they didn't breathe.

JM: Were there any assigned clothes in high demand that an inmate should look for when getting clothing assigned?
Guero 1: yes if they were new cuz everyone doent want used clothes
Jim: one's that fit
Ricky: New ones that weren't stretched out and ready to be thrown away
Bernard: You just hope that you'll get newer stuff but you have no options in any of that.
Cora: They do not take requests for inmate clothing. You take what you are given and that's all. All the clothing is the same.
Roy: No, everyone is issued the same orange or whatever jumpsuit the jail has for inamtes. Nothing deviates to anything different. Now some facilities give their work inmates different colors to indicate that they are on work release.
Mario: The only high demand clothing was in my opinion was shoes.
Kayla: new clothes were always in high demand, especially for court - silly huh?
Evan: Most people, when we were allowed to choose our clothes, would pick through the pile and grab the newest clothes that were the brightest.

JM: Was the clothing different between men and women?
Guero 1: no same
Jim: no
Ricky: I believe the shirts. Men wear white t-shirts and women wear orange.
Bernard: No it wasn't different, I remember seeing them in court.
Cora: I think in color only
Roy: No, same for the women, jumpsuits and sandles. No all orange or black and white with stripes, depending on the facility, you could even have worn pink in the "infamous," Sheriff Joes lock up here in Phoenix, off Vanburen St.
Mario: The uniform was the same between men and women.
Kayla: only when it came to the underwear - panties instead of boxers
Evan: No, the clothing was the same.

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