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Good Behavior

Interview with Guero 1, Jim, Ricky, Bernard, Cora, Roy, Mario, Kayla and Evan

JM: Did you get off early based on good behavior?
Guero 1: in rpison i got released 2 months early, but only because the prison system is so overcrowded and they needed space.
Jim: I was given a 200+ day sentence w/o due process.
Ricky: Yes from prison. I am not sure what the rules are for jail.
Bernard: Yes, I received my 15%. I actually had gotten a ticket while in prison, and lost 30 days good time. But I was able to file for my good time back and still got out on my original TR.
Cora: No. Several girls asked for early release and very few received it. Since I had been resentenced for more time I didn't even bother to try for it.
Roy: No, that is not usually until your sentenced in a correctional facility or your spending your time in county lockup, then you usually get a day off for working either in the kitchen, or laundry facility or some other job,that you don't get about 1.00 an hour put in your books, which is like an account, and that little money comes in very handy.
Mario: Yes I did plus completed programs that gave me good days.
Kayla: Absolutely not. I did in prison but it was much harder and more complicated than that and it was written in state law.
Evan: No, I did not but not because my behavior was bad but because this option was not available to me.

JM: What is the most time off you can receive for good behavior?
Guero 1: 15% its state law
Jim: I don't know.
Ricky: From prison you can receive 90 days
Bernard: 15% per year, I think.
Cora: From other inmates I have heard that after you serve half your sentence you can apply for early release and then it's up to the judge how soon or if you are released early.
Roy: The most time can range from 3-5 year early releases for major crimes, and for lesser crimes usually 3 to 6 month early releases.
Mario: I received 90 days for getting my GED.
Kayla: In prison, 90 days. In jail, NONE!!!!!!!
Evan: This question does not apply to those of us in Pima County jail. I believe this is available for those incarcerated in prison.

JM: What types of actions do you need to avoid in order to get time off? Did you ever witness somebody losing time off for good behavior?
Guero 1: basically anything that causes harm to another inmate and getting caught
Jim: Do not comit murder.
Ricky: Disciplinary tickets. Yes all the time. A lot of the times they were inmates that were doing a lot of time anyways so they didn't care much.
Bernard: Actions which should be avoided in order to get time off or at least not gain any extra time would be: Do not get into any fights, try to avoid the politics, and find a good friend or two to hang out with.(And this was more so my experience in prison, not jail. All you have in jail is your celly, for the most part.)
Cora: Again from what I've heard you have to have a pretty clean record inside. No fighting, no write-ups. Depending on the officer on duty you can be written up for almost anything: unmade bed, pants rolled at the waist or at the bottom, wearing make-up if you're not in the work release dorm, keeping food in your bunk. The major offenses would be fighting or arguing with another inmate or worse with a corrections officer.
Roy: No figthting whatsoever, no sex charges, and no hitting the correction officers, that will get you more jail time. Oh yeah many times, there was a young white guy who was waiting his sentence, and he had murdered a person, he was getting life, he knew that, so him and a correctional officer had a altercation one day, so while we were playing a game of spades during our recess,(time when we can sit in the day room and watch TV), he said "Yo Horsey(my last name), when that so and so gets here on his shift I am going to knock the shit out of him, and sure enough I was on the phone which are about 6 of them and inmates can make collect calls while on day room time, I turned around and all I saw was the inmate swirving and the correctional officer's head going backwards where the inmate had punched him so hard blood was pouring and flying everywhere like slow motion, everyone scatterd and was locked down, the guard was holding his face and trying to get up, the inmate who had assaulted him just went down on his kness and put his hands behind his head and stayed there until the "bully squad," came in to get him and take him to an Isolation cell, with new charges now not only a murder under his belt, now assaulting a correctional officer.
Mario: The best way to get time off is just do what you are expected to do and do has you are told. No I have never seen someone lose time for having a good behavior
Kayla: In prison, no write-ups, no DUI charges, good work reports. We were threatened with losing our good time for anything. It was easy for them to write us up.
Evan: Fighting, being caught with any kind of contraband, destroying jail property,assault on correctional officers or any other jail staff, smoking, violating rules and regulations, escape or attempted escape charges. No, I didn't witness anybody losing time off.

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