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Visitor Policy

Interview with Guero 1, Jim, Ricky, Bernard, Cora, Roy, Mario, Kayla and Evan

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Guero 1: once a week
Jim: once a week.....1 visit....far, far, far not good
Ricky: Once a week for a half an hour. If you visited on a Wednesday then you could not visit again until next Wednesday.
Bernard: You can receive one visitor once a week, and the visit duration is for only a half an hour.
Cora: I opted to not have visitors but they can go anytime during open office hours as long as there is room available. They ask that they make an appointment but I don't know if that's mandatory.
Roy: Just about every other day, but I did not have any at that particular time. But I did use the phone service regularly.
Mario: I did not check in to the visitor policy I had no friends or family coming to see me.
Kayla: one a week for 1/2 hour in jail. a certain # of hour according to your behavior in prison.
Evan: I could receive visitors only once per week, but they allowed up to 4 people at a time.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Guero 1: well they said it wasnt long at all cuz it was done through computer screens like a web cam on each end and a phone
Jim: very lengthy.and they mad e the visitors feel like poo-poo
Ricky: It could be if there were a lot of visitors or CO's didn't bring inmate out in timely manner or if the inmate was in a program.
Bernard: Well my wife says it wasn't too bad. She had to call ahead to schedule a visit with me. When she gets there she had to sign in, go through metal detector and put her keys in a locker. Can't remember but if you don't have a quarter for the locker they will supply you with one. Then she was assigned a tv/phone booth to visit me at. She then would sit and wait to see me appear on the tv screen, where we would both then pick up our phones and begin our 'visit'
Cora: I had my boyfriend come in one time because I hadn't been released when I was supposed to for work so he came to check on me and he walked right in, was assigned a computer and we were able to talk for a few minutes.
Roy: No, usaully they are lightly frisked, and give up cell phones and purses but not too bad, I had to visit a few of my girlfriends before.
Mario: I have know idea on how long or short the check- in process was. The only visit I received was from my pastor and he got in pretty fast.
Kayla: in jail it was really easy to visit because it was video visits. in prison the process was near impossible. i didnt get any visitors there because it was so hard it was to same for most of the other women too.
Evan: No, it was relatively easy for visitors to visit. The visitor scheduled an appointment then showed up 15 minutes before her scheduled time. A simple piece of paper was filled out with details such as name, address, social security number and relationship to inmate. The hardest part of visiting was calling the jail to schedule the appointment. My Mom had to wait 1 hour on the phone and no one ever did get back to her.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Guero 1: like web chatting with a phone
Jim: BS---------bad video stuff
Ricky: You walk in and have to check in and fill out a paper with your infromation. You then wait for your name or time of visit to be called. You go to a room with three tiers of monitors and cubicles and are assigned to sit at one. The inmate comes up on a monitor and then you speak through a phone. The inmate side is a room on the same floor as their cell and it has two monitors in it with phones and chairs. My visiting room was also a cleaning storage room.
Bernard: For me: It was a holding cell with 2 tv screens in it. Very cold, crappy situation to 'visit' with a loved one. You are unable to touch or feel them. No hugs, nothing. It doesn't even really feel like a visit, it feels more or less like you are watching them on tv. It sucks! For my wife: In a big open room with rows of tv/phone booths. You have a little bit of privacy but not much. It's hard to sit there and see the person you love through a screen, only able to hear them through the phone. You know the time is short so you make the best of your time. Hard to say goodbye when that 'visit' is over because you can't hug them or kiss them bye. And it's not the quietest neither, sometimes you over-hear other people's conversations.
Cora: The room to take a visitors call is small, there are only 3 monitors available. It is wall to wall plexiglass windows so they can monitor you while you're in there. The cameras on the monitors are placed too high so if you're short, like me, the visitor can only see your forehead. But if you stack some chairs on top of each other that helps. The phones were terrible the only time I was visited and you can barely hear the other person plus it cut in and out. I believe you only have 20 minutes to visit too.
Roy: Well there were tears from some, laughter from others, joy, alot of smiles, the visiting days are very important to an inmate. Usually contact visits according to your criminal charge. Like sitting in a large cafeteria, and some are through glass widows, where you talk on the phone to your visitor.
Mario: The visiting envieronment was alright for what I saw and experienced in my short stay in Pima County Jail. The one visit I did receive was from my Pastor and it went ok, except for I could not see him clearly in the moniter or could I hear him all that clear either.
Kayla: In jail it was crappy because it was up to luck of the video monitor would work. it was also up to luck if the speaker and microphone would work and it the lighting was right. you also couldnt really see the person very well. in prison the visits are really nice because they are in person.
Evan: The first time visiting was the hardest. The staff personnel expected you to know what you were doing and little instruction was given. They seemed bored or disinterested or even copped an attitude if questions were asked. It seemed to make a difficult situation even more difficult. Once on the phones, the connection often was not clear and the inmate was difficult to hear. Sometimes the phone wouldn't work at all and the staff person would move my Mom to another booth. This time was then unfairly deducted from the visitation even though it was out of her control and not her fault. Often, we were not given the full 30 minutes allotted to us.

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