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Jail Layout

Interview with Tom, Frank and Ashlee

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Tom: 6 max dorms 1 medium dorm 2 girls dorms 2 pods and a minimum security ranch with 2 dorms
Frank: There are 6 different blocks, I am not sure if there was a similar setup for women or not.
Ashlee: In maximum there are 3 Female holding cells and if more were needed then one was taken from the male side.

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Tom: No just numbers.
Frank: There was Minimum, Max Dorms, Max Tanks, I-Block, A-Pod and B-Pod,
Ashlee: Yes, FE1, FE2, FE3 and I block. FE just stands for Females. Then you have the rubber room, holding tank, and drunk tank. You also have general population, pc areas which is protective custody dorms. Then you also have medical rooms.

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Tom: The max dorms was for felony inmates not yet sentenced or waiting to go to prison. The max dorms are also for those who get in a little bit of trouble. Medium dorm is usually for misdemeanor crimes who have not been sentenced to county jail time. The ranch is for those who have been sentenced to 1 year county jail time or less and have not been a discipline problem. The pods are usually for serious felonies and inmates who cause trouble as well as protective custody inmates.
Frank: short timers and misdemeanors and general population were in Minimum. General population, but for longer stays and felonies were in Max Dorms. I-Block and the Max Tanks were for protected custody (PC) inmates like those with sex crimes, those who had dropped out of a gang, and those with wife battering crimes. Basically those who would be likely to have issues in general population. A and B-Pods were for really serious scary crime people, those who were off toward prison soon, and all of the Southern gang members because they are a minority in this area and will be beaten. Also you could go to the pods as a punishment or if you couldn't get along with people and wanted to be by yourself or with one other person.
Ashlee: Inmates who are dropouts of a gang, inmates that gave up mames to get a lesser sentence, child molesters, inmates who fear for their safety are put into the pc blocks which is protective custody. Then the guys had what they call single man cells. That means they are all by themselves, they only come out for one hour by themselves thats because they are either violent of a danger to other inmates.

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Tom: I was in the same block the whole time and it was a decent place as far as being in jail goes. All the inmates in my pod were cool people so it was easy to get along with everyone and I had no problems at all.
Frank: Max tanks and I-Block were the best because you could go to the dayroom at anytime, all day, until lockdown for the night. Also the showers were accessible at any time day or night. The Pods are super small rooms with a bunk and a toilet. You are on 23 hour lock down, and you only get to shower and go to the dayroom for that one hour. Avoid the pods for long periods of time unless you like that sort of situation. I did not.
Ashlee: I never really experienced how it is to be in the different blocks for difficult inmates or pc inmates but I would hear some off the wall stories. For example, the rubber room you are put in there butt naked and your toilet was the hole in the floor where you also sleep and eat. The nicest block is the trusty tank which I was. You aren't so confined and you get more perks as far as extra food, you are out of your cell. Plus we are the ones that get the mop buckets ready for the different dorms to do their cleaning. The trusty tank was like the gateway to heaven for the cells coz you have the advantage to pass all kinds of stuff from cell to cell.

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