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Martin County Jail

800 SE Monterey Road
Stuart, Florida 34994
Phone (772)220-7200

Interview with Jenna, Diane, Norman and Andrea

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Jenna: too long - it seemed extra precautions because of 9/11 were not fully understood by the officers - so we spent extra time walking around & not knowing where we were to be held before court. ( 9/11 happened over 6 years before hand - i think thats plenty of time to figure out how to proceed with the job at hand )
Diane: I got time served after spending one week in Martin County.
Norman: 1 year 6months 9 days
Andrea: i was sentenced to 3 months in county jail

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Jenna: holding cell had obvious damage - & was recently painted or sprayed with made one of the pregnant girls sick - several times - about 2 1/2 - 3 hours later they removed us & informed us there was a problem up stairs - that they did not forget us - as for the pregnant woman that was sick - this is what you get when you decide to break the law - she should have thought of that then.
Diane: I did, and it was the worst part of all because I was put in a holding cell with convicted murderers and prostitutes.
Norman: yes i was held in the holding cell after i was sentenced for a few hours before they took me back to the main jail it was very crowded and was a horrible experience!!
Andrea: spent about 2 hours in a holding cell at the court house, we were eventually transferred to the actual jail, where we spent an addition 2-3 hours in a holding cell while they processed information

Life On the Inside
For many inmates at the Martin County Jail, the commissary becomes a vital lifeline to help them get through their time. Orders are placed once a week and delivered several days later.

On the list of items that an inmate can buy are prison approved clothing, stationary, cards, stamps, personal hygiene items, snack items and some over the counter medications. Each purchased is deducted from the inmate's account which is why so many inmates ask for money. Keep in mind that these are the only things an inmate can buy while incarcerated. Family members are not allowed to bring in or mail anything to an inmate.

Inmates are also allowed TV viewing time. They can play cards, read books or write letters on that paper they bought at the commissary. A common complaint about the food is that it is the same thing over and over without any flavor or variety. Again, that's another reason for the commissary!

Church services are offered once a week to any inmate. There are also GED courses that allow an inmate to earn a high school diploma which in turn can help them find work upon their release. Inmates are afforded 24 medical care.

Good Behavior Policy
The policy for time off for good behavior at Martin County Jail is ten days per month. This is given to inmates who remain a model prisoner by staying out of trouble and completing any assignment they are given.

Visitor and Telephone Policy
The only calls an inmate can make while in Martin County are outgoing collect calls. There are phones in each of the cells blocks which are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Visits are conducted through a two way video monitoring system. To schedule a visit you have to be in the list set up by the inmate. An inmate can have up to 3 visits every week for up to one hour per visit session.  Each visitor has to present a valid photo ID every time they show up for a visit. Even though you might be visiting over a camera system, you still need to be dressed appropriately.

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