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Jail Layout

Interview with Gordy, Jeff and Philip

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Gordy: I am not sure since at this jail I never made it to the population.
Jeff: I'm not really sure how many blocks there war I don't believe they refer to them as blocks in Sarasota County
Philip: I only knew of the facility as divided into the old jail and new jail

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Gordy: They do have names usually A, B, C then they go by the number of the cell so for example AG-16
Jeff: I'm aware of the men's recovery pod the woman's wing the woman's recovery pod and was referred to as the Blue Lagoon that house is just regular inmates
Philip: Old jail was the blue lagoon ams the new jail was the God pod

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Gordy: Not sure
Jeff: Females females in recovery and average detainees there was also a medical unit for people with special needs and a detox facility in the jail for people with drawing from narcotics
Philip: Inmates are supposed to be housed by classification of charges however due to overcrowding there was an eclectic mixture born violent offenders traffic offenders and drugbor alcohol related crimes all housed in the same unirs

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Gordy: There is nothing nice about any of these blocks
Jeff: I was only in one block the recovery pod and the nicest thing was the people or chrome as they were trying to do the right thing and better their lives for when they got out it was a very unusualatmosphere to be in for a correctional facility experience for being incarcerated
Philip: The new jail had a large window that overlooked a beautiful part of downtown Sarasota and you could see the sunset. Thevold jail had spiders and roaches the toilets often overflowed and people were made to sleep on the floor. The new jail had an outdoor rec area as well

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