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Interview with Steve

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Steve: No..alot of the inmates where from the local area or the streets where i was like being home with many rules and thing we couldnt do in the free world.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Steve: Really to avoid fight i just only associated with people i knew. I keep to myself if i.wasnt playing cards or basketball.. Jail isnt like it is portrayed to be on tv. Attitude really determine how many fights you get in to.and how you talk to people to helps alot.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Steve: No you could not pick your.roomates but dependin on the officer on duty you sometimes can in a cell with a may kno..roomates change dependin on their crime or what type of probation tjey on.

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