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Jail Layout

Interview with Steve

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Steve: Their are 12 different blocks.

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Steve: A,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l block in alphabet order. Some are max and some min

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Steve: A for women.the rest are a mix up of inmates with different levels of security and crime..anywhere from.pety theft to murder you can be housed with in the jail now.

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Steve: The nicest.thing in different blocks was the officers and the worst would the 20 hour lock down and are sent to ur cell at.ten..they have a a,b schedule meanin the top half come.out first than tje sucks and on.the weekend twice. Six am tjan six pm

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