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Reviews for Cook County Jail


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Reviews for Cook County Jail

Reviews by The Rawsons, Rachel, Keisha, Neal, Chloe and Tina

JM: Which jail did you visit?
The Rawsons: maximum security in chicago
Rachel: cook county jail
Keisha: cook county 26 and california, chicago il
Neal: 26&Cal
Chloe: Division 10 for my cousin and then Division 6 and 14 for my boyfriend.
Tina: cook county

JM: How long ago was your visit?
The Rawsons: any place from half hour to 45mins
Rachel: 2 months
Keisha: 6 days ago
Neal: Last attempt 10/26/11
Chloe: When I was in Division 10 I remember being there for about an hour, I guess because its part of the medical unit and not a lot of people go there. Unlike DIV 6 where we only had 15 minutes. DIV 14's visits are 30-45 minutes.
Tina: last month

JM: How many times did you visit?
The Rawsons: we live on the outher side of Columbus,Ohio so we could only come once a month. We started coming in April 2010 until sentencing in Nov.2010
Rachel: 8 times
Keisha: once every friday
Neal: 8-10 times
Chloe: DIV 10 about 5 times. DIV 6 about 3 times until they transferred my boyfriend to DIV 14 and then I visited twice there so far.
Tina: 2

JM: How do you go about making an appointment to see an inmate?
The Rawsons: we were allowed to come once any time during the month because we lived so far away
Rachel: There was no appointment. the person I was visiting told me the date and time. trying to reach anyone at the jail is like impossible. I have tried numerous times and no one answers.
Keisha: No appointment needed,that's his visting day
Neal: No need
Chloe: Appointment? You just go on the county website and type in their name and go to the inmates assigned visiting date and time.
Tina: getting info online

JM: How long did check-in process take?
The Rawsons: no more then a half hour
Rachel: it varies. sometimes the jail is in lockdown and you have to wait until the lockdown is lifted. you might not get a visit. if its ok you have to get searched and proceed to the building your visiting, where you show them your id and you wait for about a half an hour before your visit begins. the visit is about 15 minutes.
Keisha: to long
Neal: about 30 minutes
Chloe: Sometimes there are long lines. So you have to wait but when the C.O's check you in its about a minute or so.
Tina: 20minutes

JM: Were the guards accommodating?
The Rawsons: Yes, everyone was so nice to us even helping us to find a place to stay and directions. Only once did someone give us a problem for not being there on the right visiting day.At first we were up set thinking we would not get in after coming as far as we did. But thank God it got worked out and we got to see our son.
Rachel: they treat you like your an inmate and the rules for visiting are not clear - example: I had a tank top on and wore a jacket to cover it and the guard told me i had to have a tee shirt on. no where in the rules did it say i had to wear a tee shirt. the guards i believe do not want visitors there.
Keisha: not at the front gate, they are very very rude.
Neal: Only if you acted like a little lamb and asked no questions
Chloe: Yea, some are helpful
Tina: yes

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
The Rawsons: Well the visitation rooms are small and some what dirty. It's extremly hard to hear, if thair are outher people visiting at the same time you can't hear at all.
Rachel: to visit division 5 in the waiting area its clean - when you go in the visiting section your visit is between glass. The glass is dirty and you have to put your mouth real close to the glass to talk and it smells real bad and you have to talk real loud even yell so the other person can hear you. its bad
Keisha: ok
Neal: Grim, under bright lights in a less than clean room through dirty and scratched plexiglass and almost immposible to communicate through.
Chloe: Depends on the DIV. DIV 10's waiting area smelled and so did the visiting rooms. DIV 6's waiting room had dim lighting so it was kinda dark. The visiting area has a small round metal bar stool where you sit then between you and the inmate is a thick glass with a small hole where you can talk to the inmate. DIV 14 is a lot better, they have better chairs and way you talk to the inmate is the same but when its time to leave sometimes you can see them at the big window in the entrance and say your last goodbyes.
Tina: it was okay

JM: How long was your visit? Did the guards ever allow you to take extra time?
The Rawsons: Some times we would get longer visits for which we were very grateful. I think if thay knew how far we had come,and no one els was visiting thay would give us a little longer.
Rachel: 15 minutes is the visit. when the visit is over the guard will say its over by using an intercom and there is no extra time. or the guard will walk down the visiting aisle yelling its over.
Keisha: 15 minutes, when i waiting an hour and half to see my inmate
Neal: 15 minutes and then out, out out!
Chloe: DIV 6- 15 minutes DIV 10- about an hour DIV 14-30-45 minutes No the guards call for the inmates and that's when you have to leave, its a sad moment but it is what it is.
Tina: 20 minutes

JM: What was the parking situation like?
The Rawsons: Hate your parking. But with no room I can understand it. But our first time we didn't know we needed change so it was upsetting.
Rachel: the parking is off street and you have to pay to park by using a meter approx. 2.50
Keisha: ricidulious
Neal: I took 2 hours and 4 busses.
Chloe: UGH parking sucks! Sometimes you have to walk. You're lucky to find a good spot. DIV 5 and 6 have a better chance at parking.
Tina: didnt drive

JM: What advice would you offer to somebody who is going to visit an inmate in this jail?
The Rawsons: Be patient. Dont' go in being rude the people who work thair can only do so much and follow the rules. We have found most of them will do thair best to help you out if you dont have an attitude. Take lots of change,and don't go during shift change.I know you don't want to be there by choice,but we don't always have control over what we want,so take a deep breath and smile.
Rachel: just bring your id and make sure its not expired you cant bring your cell phone or you have to go back to your car or put it in a locker that you have to pay to use. no cigarettes no candy really nothing you only need your id.
Keisha: expect to be treated like your the inmate.
Neal: Act like a lemming and kiss the guards asses. Do not take anything valuable in with you or they will confiscate it.
Chloe: DO NOT! bring anything but your ID and your car keys if you drove their. If you bring anything extra it WILL get thrown away and you will never get it back unless you buy it again. You're also holding up the line, it angers people because they want to see their loved ones too!
Tina: you aint going for no reason so just go for ur loved ones

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