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Visitor Policy

Interview with Girliegirl, Paul, Tyler, Tom, Ryan, Zach and Pat

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Girliegirl: Once a week on Saturday or Sunday
Paul: Not sure, my mom and brother came once in the 10 days I was there.
Tyler: No sure. There seemed to be visitors coming everyday. I did not have visitors. You have to submit a request for visitation that includes the time. Once approved your good to go. I overheard people having there requested time denied and they had to change the time.
Tom: once a week for a half hour and if you us a trustee you got a hour.
Ryan: visitors could come up to see you once a week. And each visit was for a half an hour period.
Zach: Usually every week.
Pat: 1x/week 30 minutes

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Girliegirl: Yes. Long lines, lots of security checks and people that asked too many questions.
Paul: Nope
Tyler: Don't know. It didn't appear to be.
Tom: yeah they had to ok every person on your visitors list and you had to pick a certain time or you got no visit at all.
Ryan: The visitors were told to arive at leas a half an hour in advance to the pre scheduled interview. And it took them roughly 15 minutes to be searched and sat down before the visit took place.
Zach: Being that I was not visiting myself, I cannot answer accurately. I'm told the process is a lot smoother than it used to be.
Pat: no

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Girliegirl: crowded and guards watch every move you make. Cameras and guards everywhere. People didn't get to sit close to each other. We got searched when we got in the visiting area and REALLY searched when we had to go back to our cells.
Paul: rediculous, kinda barbaric!!!
Tyler: Visitors stand in a row on the outside of glass windows that look into the day room. Inmates use phones to talk to them from the other side of the glass. Everyone in the day room can see the visitation. Not private.
Tom: when your family first come in their search and told to sign in and to sit in the green chairs and wait until your name is call then you can sit and talk through a big thick glass window this is a no contact visit and only half hour so
Ryan: They were on closed circuit television. With a telephone attached to the monitors to hear the person that was visiting you. The screens were grainy and not that clear at all. and they took place foe a half an hour time per visit, per week. and they took place right down at the end of the hall from where you were housed at.
Zach: basically a webcam in a booth.
Pat: video visitation

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