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Interview with Hugh, Cameron, Sarah, Roy and Janicki

JM: What clothes could you have brought in to wear in the jail (underwear, socks, etc.)?
Hugh: It was a jail uniform. Orange shirt and pants. You can't wear shoes but you can buy canvas slip on shoes. Other than that they give you hard plastic shower shoes.
Cameron: The only personal clothing items that you could bring in with you were socks and underclothes. This included T-shirts and long underwear. You could not bring an extra-only what you were wearing.
Sarah: Underwear and socks. If I had to do it again a would wear a few pair of underwear, long underwear cause it is freezing in there and multiple pairs of warm socks. Women - if you wear an underwire bra they will take it away from you. Don't wear an underwire bra if you know you are going to jail. Can't buy bras off commissary.
Roy: underwear,socks,wife beaters,i hid cigarettes in the lining of a couple wife beaters,i imagine thats how some of them joints made it in
: If you know you are going to jail (from court) you dress accordingly. As many pairs of socks you can handle, underwear, boxers to sleep in, a white tank, a white tee and a long sleeve white shirt.

JM: If you had a set uniform, what did it look like? Please be specific about each piece of clothing issued to you.
Hugh: Yes, see above.
Cameron: I was issued a pair of green pants with an elastic waist. They had PRISONER printed on the leg. I also received a pull over green shirt which had PRISONER printed on the back. The only other thing I got was a pair of rubber shower shoes.
Sarah: Green thick cotton. Short sleeves. Top without buttons, one pocket and matching pants. Rubber sandals for shoes. YOu only get a change once a week, that is if they have your size that week. Once i had the same outfit for over a month.
Roy: orange jump suit,my pants were way to big and fell off of me all the time,when i fought josh my pants fell to my ankles and i continued to fight that way untill the gaurds slammed my face into a brick wall at the end of the hall,orange top fit wellt hough,sandals were old and used
: We wore "jail greens" with "Wayne County Prisoner" in big white letters on your back and down you leg. Some wore yellow (males) and some wore red (feds). While at Dickerson, the females wear beige.

JM: Were there any assigned clothes in high demand that an inmate should look for when getting clothing assigned?
Hugh: No, its all the same. They kind of look like hospital scrubs. In the store you can buy boxer shorts, tank tops, t-shirts and socks. Its always good to buy a lot of those.
Cameron: The toughest thing to find was an intact set of the shower shoes. Most of them had the toes broken off.
Sarah: I am a large girl and oversize clothing was all the rage in the african american communitity. So they wanted sets that were two or three sizes too big for them so they could were then with pants hanging low showing underwear and having to hold them up with their had. So larger sizes are hard to come by and they run small to begin with. Get a good pair of shoes without cracks if you can that fit your feet. They only change them once a week, sometimes not even that. Make sure they fit.
Roy: just simply cothing that fit you comfortably,with nothing but time on your hands you ought to be comfortable,which i was not,live and learn though
: Everyone wants their green top to match with their bottoms. It all depended on how old the items were as well as the person handing them out. You get one uniform a week. If you threw up on yourself, you have to either wash it out yourself or just wear it.

JM: Was the clothing different between men and women?
Hugh: I think the women are actually housed at a different facility. The women wear the same thing as the men.
Cameron: Not that I knew off. Perhaps they received some undergarments, but I would not know.
Sarah: No. Some men wear orange suits and not green but I don't know why. They were the same otherwise.
Roy: no it was exactly the same
: They trustees wore yellow, both men and women wore red if you were federal. Other than that, we all wore greens.

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