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Visitor Policy

Interview with Ivan and Bobby

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Ivan: I could receive visitors everyday if I wasn't on a punitive status, but I could only receive visitors once a week if I was.
Bobby: Two times a week Monday through Friday and you had to be approved. And you could be waiting for hours visitations were a pain in the ass

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Ivan: When I came to my visits, my family was always in the visiting room before me, so I don't believe that the check-in process was lengthy for those who came to see me.
Bobby: You had to come Into the jail get searched, then they run your name, and ask who your visiting.. And then after that you wait to get a visit of you aren't there before a line and a wait starts

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Ivan: My favorite part about the visiting environment was the vending machines as my family would get me a lot of junk food from the machines in pity for me, and all of the visitors would be in a main area where being viewed by officers. Inmates were only allowed to get up at the end of their visits or to use the restrooms with permission, and the restrooms for inmates and visitors were separate. All inmates had to be strip searched before sent back to their cells.
Bobby: It was okay. If it was a contact visit if you don't have a contact visit it's just between glass and a phone which is nothing. But contact visits were okay you got to see your love ones which is all that matters when your in there it wasn't. Anything fancy. It's jail.

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