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Interview with Mary

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Mary: The deputies take you to the jail where there is a magistrate on duty at all times. They take the paper work of the charges and you stand before the magistrate. The magistrate looks at the computer which i gather as my history on failure to appears and what my address is and the situation, plus the attitude that I had when arrested to give me a bond. My bond was 10,000. They take you to an open window desk that is in a wall on a halway. There are cells with bars for holding. They ask you what sizen you wear take any loose property and place it into sealed bags with you signing them as well as them. you take the jumpsuit and go to one of the nasty holding cells with a metal toilet they are with you because they are going to search. At that time, I was nervous I had my paraphernelia and lighters inside of my bra and was trying to hide them. Which, I did and have done many times while being searched. they let me keep my bra because it was white. my panties were not so they took them and put them with my clothing to be stored in that room area. Then if you are acting out you are walked to a back hall not far from there to be placed in segregation(solitary confinement) there are 5 to 7 cells with dark green 6ft mats , 2 sheets, 1 towel, 1 wash cloth and a ziploc packet with toothpaste, comb, bar of hotel soap, and a stick of clear deoderant (which does not work). you dont have bars in those rooms its a huge metal door with a eye level small window, and a tray slot that is only open during meal times. there is a toilet in there also. got a roomate at one point who slept on the floor. but was out of there in a couple of days. I stayed in there for a little over a week to observe my behavior and withdrawals off of the drug I was using. Day in and Day out all you hear is echos of everything. somebody moaning yelling or beating on the door. or being wrestled with. thats all you can do in that area is listen. The walls are cement blocks and the bed is attached to the wall and is metal with the mat on it.

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Mary: No police stopped by the house. I was in Norman, Nc and I had been using. I was walking from a dope deal that I had just made with local dealer. It was night time but the stores were still open in the area. After I got my drugs, I put them in my mouth. and proceeded to walk out of the area toward the rural area.(all of it is rural) but I was an addict that could not wait. I walked ALOT. After I FINALLY do get my drugs I wanted to get high right then. Well I took my paraphenelia out and used one of the drugs that I had. Which was crazy because I was walking in the middle of the road doing it. When I did it I turned around and looked behind me and 2 deputies in 2 cars were turning down the street behind me. They rushed behind me with blue lights and jumped out of the car. The paraphernelia that I had I hid in my bra knowing that they were male and could not search me. BUT I still had the other drug in my mouth and on top of that I had gotten sloppy from using and had some of the drug pieces around my mouth. They knew that it was in mouth and BOTH OF THEM choked me with a stranglatory move until I spit it out. It was the most awful feeling being hurt by them. They retrieved the drug off the ground and charged me with obstruct/delay and possession. I was high so I cussed and was very billigerent. They took me to the jail to be seen in front of the magistrate.

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Mary: It was an old courtroom. The deputies actually retrieve your when they are ready for you and bring you to an extremely nasty holding cell. When I entered the courtroom, it was from a private side door that only inmates enter and you are in a holding box directly to the right of the judge. They ask if you would like representation of a court appointed lawyer, read your rights, and then let you know what the specific charges are. It is very nerve racking with someone else being in control of your life. They change your bond from the original bond that you received when admitted into the jail by the magistrate and base it on the charge and your record. The District Attorney always adds to this speaking about what they would like to see happen during this arraignment. You as the defendent can speak to judge per request, but it really has no bearing on what THEY decide to be your bond and when your court date will be. They give you the name of your lawyer and the way to contact him. Then you are taken back to the holding cell to be walked back to the jail where you are to stay until you make bond or next court date

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Mary: Ortiginal charges were Felony Possesion of Cocaine, Resist/obstruct/Delay. My conviction was dropped to drug paraphernelia and resist. no felonies

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