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Jail Layout

Interview with Milles, Preston, Lauren, Rosa and Dallas

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Milles: I'm not sure how many blocks there were. i was in what i think was d block so i assume they were on an alphabetical system of some sort.
Preston: 6-diferent blocks segregation 4 and 5- as well as 8-block workers unit.
Lauren: In the county jail there were a total of 12 dormitories, only one of which was for the female population.
Rosa: There are I think 8 floors and pods not really blocks they are modules
Dallas: There is like seven or eight floors, which include 4 pods per floor.

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Milles: I'm not sure but like i said i think it was alphabetical a-b-c-d-e.....
Preston: Most all inmates have A street name they go by rather than using there government name. Strange names like Savage or Rambo and others..
Lauren: 1-12 the dorms were just referred to by their numbers.
Rosa: Yeah pod 1 2 3 4 per floor alpha delta Charlie bravo
Dallas: A, B, C, D. They were lettered names nothing special.

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Milles: I'm not sure but i assume they kept real violent offenders in a different block.
Preston: There were special units for mentally ill inmates which was called SMU. There were special units for gangs called STM.. there were honor units for inmates that stayed out of trouble.
Lauren: Well downtown was the temporary holding of inmates until arraignment court but it is also where they house people having withdrawals from drugs, violent inmates, suicidal inmates, or inmates with medical issues. I was only there for maybe 4 days so i'm not exactly sue which inmates were housed where.
Rosa: Medical block, mental health, PC block, regular blocks, segregation, I don't know all the blocks man I didn't live there my Whole life I just Know the basics not about everything
Dallas: There was general population, segregation, mental health, and protective custody, suicide watch, I don't know if there was a gang area. There's only one floor they hold high and that's like the 7th or 8th floor and they hold like measure 11s and stuff.

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Milles: i was only in one block so im not sure but i did a little stretch at clackamas county jail and i remember the big difference was that multnomah county was on a twenty three hour lockdown where as clackamas was on a 12 hour lockdown. so i spent far less time in my cell at clackamas. it was awful to be in your cell twenty three hours.
Preston: The nicest time I remember was the workers unit because we inmates had tobacco marijuana, and meth. Generally getting out of the cell block was great due to having A job inside the facility. The worst was doing time inside segregation because time seemed to stand still and nothing ever happens while locked down in segregation.
Lauren: There were only different blocks in the downtown jail and I was extremely Depressed during the four days i was there that i really don't remember.I slept almost four days straight without leaving to eat until they warned me if i continued to refuse to eat i would be put on suicide watch.
Rosa: The nicest parts are i guess not being able to kill yourself and just being segregated from the crazies And violent people. The worst pArts are the same thing the crazies The violent, and I don't think i need to explain the ups and Downs of segregation, it blows it makes you crazy
Dallas: The nicest parts about the blocks were single cells, and when I was working on one of the blocks, I was out of my cell more, but that's only because I was working. The worst parts of the blocks were being locked up all the time. I don't know. Mental health pod some people pooped on the floor and walls.

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