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Visitor Policy

Interview with Milles, Preston, Lauren, Rosa and Dallas

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Milles: twice a week
Preston: As long as an inmate wasn't on visiting restriction then we could receive visitors every day.
Lauren: I think it was once or twice a week we were allowed visitors for somewhere close to an hours length of time.
Rosa: Two times a week I could see my mama and she came both days it Was wonderful
Dallas: I could receive visitors twice a week for a half an hour each I think.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Milles: yes they had to be pre approved and a background check was done to make sure they were not criminals.
Preston: No. The process was quick, just a simple walk through A metal detector and a quick check in property stored in lockers. And sometimes a quick pat down.
Lauren: It depended on the amount of visitors present on the days. Sometimes it would take an extremely lomg amount of time and sometimes it wouldn't be that bad.
Rosa: Not really cause I wasn't involved in it but for Them yes my mom actually had a warrant And she came in and they ran her name and bam she was arrested
Dallas: They have to check in at a certain time, and lock their stuff up, wait to be called, go through some doors, get on an elevator, and then wait for me to get into the little visiting room.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Milles: a glass window with phones on both sides. very much like in the movies. all inmates on one side with a guard standing watch, with all the visitors on the other
Preston: There was no contact at all. There was a giant glass window and a telephone to communicate. There were small cubicles side by side. Inmates could see other visitors coming in while you patiently waited for your loved one. But it was pleasant to take your mind away from being locked up for at lease that 25-minutes.
Lauren: Jail visiting is just like you get a little booth and a chair next to a phone and glass in the middle to separate you and the visitor. Prison visirs were in person, the person could hug you, and they provided tables for us and the visitor. The visitor could bring quarters and buy snacks from the vending machines but they were not to share , they Childs buy something for us but no sharing.
Rosa: Through glass we talked on a phone under yellow pale Light while other women talked on the phone Under yellow pale light and no nudity allowed under the yellow pale light. It was like a half an hour visit but sometimes It ran longer and that was really radical cause I love it you know
Dallas: The visiting environment was semi private. I could see the people in the next room, but there wasn't any guard looking over your shoulder, and it was a little room with windows. You sit on a chair, and talk through a phone with glass in between you and the visitor.

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