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Interview with Lola, Eve, Pat, Peter, Al, Trevor and Camille

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Lola: Some were difficult. They were mostly loud and obnoxious, not mean or threatening.
Eve: Not at all. Most of them are okay. If you keep to yourself, you'll be fine. Don't get caught up in drama, talking about other people, etc. Everyone has a story. Most are probation violators for drug charges or couldn't pay fines or it's their first time.
Pat: no not really cause i have found if u stay to ur self u will not have ant problems and and if u never answer back to inmates or c,o's u will never have a problem but yes i have had some problems with some of the inmates but like i said u have to stay to ur self and not make friends
Peter: Not really difficult, but was very segregated by race in there. There were a lot of ( not stated racially of downing just honestly) Hispanic/ Puerto Riccan ethnic in that area. Due to this they spoke Spanish rather than English ( or couldn't speak English) so communication was difficult and was advised by another inmate to "stay within my race".
Al: for the most part i got along with the other inmates. its all about tolerance and respect and alot of prisoners dont show that to the other inmates alot of times
Trevor: we got along pretty decent because of the fact you are fed very little and treated so bad that we felt the need to pull together. all except for the occasional few who think they are superman.
Camille: I am an observer. I don't talk much unless I am cracking a joke about life in general. I don't complain because no one can help me find a solution, especially when in jail. I got along with the other inmates because I watched people's behavior or slept.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Lola: Just kept to myself in my cell. Skipped some meals as things were heated.
Eve: I wasn't disrespectful and I didn't act like I had an attitude. I would stay in my room and read books, or go out and watch t.v., and go outside when we had the chance and just walk around or lay in the grass (it was nice out).
Pat: ask to be changed,ask to go to 24 hr lockdown or go to my room and stay ther for days
Peter: Stayed in small groups within the same race and language spoke. Each group had their "own" side of the day room separated by location of seating tables. White sat with white, Hispanic with Hispanic, Black with Black etc etc. It seemed as long as these "rules" were adhered too problems we avoided. If not then fights arose.
Al: basically i just walk away or i would agree to disagree. there are times when you just let the other person feel they are right to avoid a fight.if you go to a prison guard then you are labeled a snitch and that is not very good at all most times
Trevor: either be friends or fight was pretty much you options. I witnessed an inmate who was having problems with his celly, I actually heard him tell the c.o. that his celly was threatening him and a lot more was said but the c.o. just ended up saying o well get along or you both can go to the hole. so they ended up fighting and they both went to the hole after being thrown around by the c.o.s I feel they set you up for these kind of things.
Camille: I keep to myself. I don't comment on other people's behavior or opinions because throwing stones at others when I am in the same situation is illogical. I avoided problems with other people by staying to myself and sleeping. Or, I would sit and think analytically about something to keep myself distracted.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Lola: No, we were assigned cells.
Eve: No, but if you have problems with your cellmate, you can put in a note and they will most likely move you or them.
Pat: no
Peter: No I was not able to choose cell mates. Inmates were assigned cells by classification of severity of charges, gang affiliations mental statuses etc etc. once classified your housing unit is where you did your time. Cell mates changed by release or fights (going to the Restricted Housing Unit otherwise known as "The Hole" )
Al: no you were not allowed to choose another inmate as your celly. they usually choose by the severity of a prisoners crime but that is not always the case some times
Trevor: no you get the celly that they tell you or you go to the hole. they only change if he goes home or something of the sort then you get a new one.
Camille: I was not able to choose an inmate as my cellmate. My cellmates changed every 5 days or so before I was placed in general population. Once in general population, I had 97 other women with me in an old gym. Women came and went every single day. Women left twice a day and arrived once a day.

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