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Milam County Jail

Milam County Jail 512 S. Jefferson
Cameron, TX 76520
(254) 697-7033

Interview with Charlie, Don and Pierce

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Charlie: n/a
Don: 6months saf-p 90 days halfway house
Pierce: 3 months

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Charlie: You usually are sent back to your tank or cell after magistration because you have already been booked in. If you have not finished booking in, you might spend as long as 24 hours in the holding cell until book in is completed.
Don: no
Pierce: Holding cell is always bad. It is cold and smells bad. Not that the beds are comfy in population but they are better then a metal bench or concrete floor.

Life On the Inside
There is a long list of complaints issued by any inmate from any jail. Many folks might think that's exactly the way it should be: jails shouldn't be a comfortable place. However, there is a vast difference between comfort and humane treatment.

Although there are certainly a fair amount of hardened criminals to be found in any jail, there is an equal amount of inmates who have just stumbled down the wrong road. For them jail is a serious wake-up call to get their life back on track.

The layout at the Milam County Jail consists of 8-person tanks and various isolations cells spread out throughout the facility. There are the "quiet" tanks where the inmates want to keep their head down, do their time and get back to their life. Then there are the "noisy" tanks where trouble seems to follow.

Every tank has its own TV which is turned on at the beginning of the day and is shut down at lights out. The choice of viewing depends on a kind of seniority rank. Inmates also have access to a jail library to check out books both to pass the time and to help with their legal issues. Twice a week, inmates are taken outdoors (weather permitting) for exercise time. It could also be just "fresh air" time. As for sports equipment, there is a tennis ball to bounce against the walls and that's about it.

The commissary is available twice a week for inmates to make purchases such as snacks, underwear, cards and stationary. Additionally, church services are held every Sunday in the exercise yard for any inmate who isn't on restrictions.

Good Behavior Policy
At the Milam County Jail there is no good time sentence reduction, not even for trustees. You will do the time you were sentenced to. However, if you are granted trustee classification you are given a few extra perks in return for staying out of trouble. This could mean better food, unlimited access to the library and work outside.

Visitor and Telephone Policy
Visitors are granted access to Milam County inmates Thursday through Sunday. Each visitor needs to present a valid, state issued photo ID before being allowed into the facility. The visitor also must subject themselves to a search. Visitors can't bring things like care packages into the jail for their loved one. And every visitor has to be dressed appropriately.

Along with the TV in each tank there is also a pay phone that the inmates can use to place outgoing collect calls. A typical charge for a collect call can range from $8 and up.

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