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Interview with Mickey, Nate, Anne, Erik and Chris

JM: What clothes could you have brought in to wear in the jail (underwear, socks, etc.)?
Mickey: Stiff cotton scrubs.
Nate: Red or blue inmate outfits.
Anne: C'mon....are you serious? Scrubs, colored to classification with old school Vans-like slip ons. Not recommended for putting miles in walking back and forth on concrete
Erik: The only clothing you can have is jail supplied. They do exchanges twice a week for socks and underware and once for the top and pants
Chris: You can not bring anything to wear into the jail They do not allow that.

JM: If you had a set uniform, what did it look like? Please be specific about each piece of clothing issued to you.
Mickey: Yes, in quarantine it is red, minimum is blue, medium is gray, max or super-max is yellow, I dont know for sure.
Nate: Yes. Red or blue inamte out fit with orange slip on shoes.
Anne: Top-Dark blue scrub with a v neck often faded bottoms scrub like often faded colored to classify gross mismatched way too big white guy socks Discolored brownish 'sport top' SICK PUTRID DISGUSTING BROWN STAINED GRANNY UNDERWEAR> UNCOMFORTABLE AND A DISEASE INFESTED LIKLIHOOD
Erik: Faded v neck top and pants, color classified (RED=Quaratine, BLUE=MIN, TAN=MED , YELLOW=MAX) socks and tightie whities.. Shoes are slip on vans type (the soles make great pencil erasers) Other shoes can be purchased from commisary (athletic type)
Chris: The uniform was a pair of hospital scrub like pants and top that smelled like somebody elses BO. They were very uncomfortable and not well fitting.

JM: Were there any assigned clothes in high demand that an inmate should look for when getting clothing assigned?
Mickey: You get what you get pretty much.
Nate: No.
Anne: Newer, darker uniformly colored scrubs,newer matching shoes that didn't flop around torn and semi-elastic socks
Erik: Finding the right size is crucial. The clothes are uncomfortable to begin with and having something too small makes it worse. You only get one chance a week to request somrthing different when clothing changes comes around
Chris: No there are no clothes in high demand. x x

JM: Was the clothing different between men and women?
Mickey: I don't think so.
Nate: I don't think so.
Anne: No. Men had underwear like shorts and dont get in trouble when they don't wear a top like the women do.
Erik: same tops and bottoms but im sure the underwear is different
Chris: There was no difference between the two.

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