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Interview with Mickey, Nate, Anne, Ryan, Erik and Chris

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Mickey: The process to get to sentencing was very lengthy for my most severe charge. I was charged with Robbery (a 2nd degree felony), convicted of Theft (a class A misdemeanor). I had to appear before the judge I believe 5 times for roll call due to lawyer's absences. After that I plead guilty then went to sentencing. All together this took probably 9 or 10 months
Nate: I broke my probation, so when I went into court they told me that I had to do my time.
Anne: Honestly, I had to call my boyfriend to ask him what the pre-sentencing was! This was my first criminal charge, and I don't think there was a pre-sentencing report. I went to court and was sentenced that day.
Ryan: took roughly 8 hours to get to the extremely brief pre-sentencing, where they were 'unable' to inform me as to why exactly the warrant I was picked up on was issued..
Erik: After being thoroughly searched and having your property inventoried, I was placed into "the pit" to wait for a general information review (name, address, employer, emergency contact) and a photo being taken. I was then taken to meet with pre trial services. They review what you are being held on and ask questions regarding references, employment history, background and various other items to determine eligibility of OCR (Over crowded release) or Pre Trial release. They have always been honest with me, brutally at times, about my chances on getting out or if I would be staying for a length of time. You are then fingerprinted and wither put in line to meet with medical, if you are staying, or put in line to go to the "to be released" section.
Chris: I am unsure about the question.x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Mickey: No
Nate: No.
Anne: No. I was in a living situation and the house was under investigation. Apparently, the police conducted an investigation for an undisclosed amount of time before they served a search warrant.
Ryan: no, probation officer arrested me upon reporting to AP&P,
Erik: After I was found to not have proof of fare on the train.The officer offered to let me go with a warning, but I was arrested upon the transit officer running my name and coming back with a active warrant from 3 years prior. After the officer completed paperwork, I was transported directly to the jail, in the back of the officers cruiser.
Chris: After going on the run for a few months, I decided to go to court one day and resolve the issue (not thinking that the judge would incarcerate me but he did)x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Mickey: Not too long because my lawyer was on time and was able to hand my file to clerk with some of the first ones that were called.
Nate: I wore a semi casual business attire (pants and a collared shirt tucked in).
Anne: I have a serious issue with being late for appointments, work, my own funeral..etc. Actually, the first court appearance was relatively uneventful, with the exception that I learned quickly how LITTLE TO NO public representation is offered. My background and history are stellar, former competitive bodybuilder and strength coach I hadn't been in trouble beyond traffic infractions. The court appearance NEXT is when I was taken into custody. I had been reported by my probation officer as not have taken a drug test that had been randomly scheduled. I had to appear in court on an 'Order To Show Cause" on this infraction. I walked 14 blocks in dress clothes to get to court, and ended up at the courtroom at 820am when court was at 8am. In my experience, including my initial court appearance, the crowd all funnels into the courtroom at once, and it was usually at least 20mins to 30 mins behind schedule. I asked around the group of people outside of my Judges Courtroom if this was for the same Judge, etc. and receivedaffirmative acknowledgement that I was in the right place. Unfortunately, at the wrong time. I filed into the courtroom about 845 and sat through what became apparent was a MURDER TRIAL! I couldn't bring myself to bother the courtroom and exit, so I found a slot at approx. 1130am and asked the Baliff if I was in the right courtroom. After a word with the judge, he told me to wait. After a few minutes he produced a 'packet' of papers stapled together and told me very politely to take it to the Judges secretary. I immediately walked into the Reception Office, gave the secretary the packet of papers to which she icely thanked me and told me to go back into the courtroom. Unknowingly, I had given her my own 100,00 arrest warrant.
Ryan: none
Erik: After breakfast,I was notified by the guard on duty that I would be going to court. You either go to video court (most smaller justice courts) or transported to the actual court house. Video court is conducted in a room a short walk from the housing pods. A group of inmates is brought together and appears in front of a video monitor, where the judge can be seen. Video court tends to be rather quick. (less then an hour) If you are being transported it is far from qick. The inmates that are to be transported are pulled from the pods and are marched to the transport area of the jail. You are then moved to holding cells based upon the court you are to be transported to. This process can take up to an hour as hey gather all the inmates with court dates. This can be a rather amusing time as male and female inmates are together in proximity and hijixs run amuck. With the large amount of people passing by the cell windows, old friends can be heard yelling for a quick update of how things are going. After everyone is organized, each holding cell is send to kneel on a bench to be shackled, legs and wrists (Maximum inmates are shackled in there pods prior to being removed from the pods). You are then brought to either a bus or a van. The transport guards tend to be easy going if you respect them, even turning on the radio for the ride. After arriving at court you are brought to a holding area at the courthouse. At the larger courthouses (district) you are moved from one holding cell to the other, organised by judge. Your attorney may come by or you may just be brought in front of the judge. After your apperence, you are funneled back to the van/bus for the ride back. After arrival back to the jail, you are strip searched. Dont forget to lift your sack! From start to finish you can be gone from your cell for most of the day. I have had times where I was givin a sack lunch, due to missing a meal. You learn to keep these sack luches, due to the hunger that occupies your stay at ADC.
Chris: Court is probably the most demeaning activity a "prisoner" will encounter. After going to court, when they take you back you have to spread your asshole open for the guards so that they can see if you are trying to smuggle something in to the jail.x x x x x

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Erik: I was charged with, felony possession of a controlled substance (2 counts), drug paraphernalia, retail theft and criminal trespassing. I took a plea of one count of non felony drug possession.
Chris: Forgery F1 convicted Class A Misdemeanor

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