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Interview with Mickey, Nate, Anne, Ryan, Erik and Chris

JM: Did you have regular access to telephones?
Mickey: Yes, at certain times.
Nate: Yes.
Anne: Whenever we were out of our cells, I could make collect calls. I was in a split pod with both minimum and medium security so we were down for 30 hours at a time out for 3 down for five and out two then down thirty. Every other day I could call.
Ryan: yes
Erik: Yes, whenever not on lockdown
Chris: Yes there was regular access to telephones.

JM: What types of charges applied for calling people? How much money would you guess the average inmate spends per week on phone calls?
Mickey: Very expensive, and only through certain carriers. My parents had to get rid of call waiting, and put money on an account for the phone for me to be able to call.
Nate: They were only collect calls.
Anne: Three bucks to initialize or accept the call and I dunno how much.. My boyfriend bought a calling card and the calls were billed at a flat rate and kept to five minutes. That is the best recall I have.
Ryan: none
Erik: Standard collect calls work to landlines, cellphones required an account being set up the owner. $50 gets eaten up quick with connect fees and what not
Chris: Horrible charges were given to whomever you called collect. It is like $4 just to initiate the call.

JM: Did you need to buy phone cards to call out?
Mickey: You can but you don't need to.
Nate: No.
Anne: No. I did have one person I would just call collect. Not many people I know have home lines which accept the calls. In fact, two people to be exact. My phone card took twelve days to activate. That was a long 12 days and not really any opportunity to call customer service. lol.
Erik: They can be purchased but are not mandatory
Chris: You could buy phone cards if you wanted to.

JM: Did the jail screen your calls?
Mickey: Yes.
Nate: I don't know.
Anne: Oh I am sure they did. A recording at the beginning of every call told us they would be monitored.
Ryan: yes, and listen, even disconnected several important calls.
Erik: they say they do but who knows
Chris: Yes. The pricks are always listening in.

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