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Humboldt County Jail

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Interview with Richard and Donna

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Richard: Five years in the Humboldt County Jail.
Donna: I was sentenced to a three year suspended prison sentence and 3 years of probation and 18 months of drug court.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Richard: Yes I did. I'm a big dude so nobody messed with me. They are supposed to give you one call but they didn't give me mine. I was in the holding cell from Saturday to Monday.
Donna: After my sentencing I went home. I was out on OR so I was able to go home afterwards. I was held in a holding cell during the first night of my original arrest only.

If you or someone you know if headed to Humboldt County Jail, you may be wondering what to expect as you serve your time. Going to jail can be a scary experience, but taking the time to educate yourself about life on the inside can help you feel more prepared.

We have interviewed former inmates of Humboldt County Jail, who have shared their inside knowledge about how things work in this jail. To the left are links to the actual interviews. Take some time to read through the stories of others and learn what life is really like in Humboldt County Jail.

Good Time
Due to a growing problem of overcrowded jails, many county jails let inmates out of the jail earlier than their actual sentences allow. This is often called "Good Time" and Humboldt County inmates have the opportunity to earn this time off their sentences.

Although it is unclear what the most amount of good time available is in this jail, former inmates have reported getting up to 3/5 of their total sentence cut off. To receive this time off, it is important to avoid fighting with officers or other inmates. Follow the rules and be as helpful as you can when it comes to volunteering for work.

Humboldt County provides three meals per day to their inmates. The food is rated pretty highly for a jail. One of the favorite inmate meals is the meatloaf, and a least favorite is the oatmeal. The jail allows inmates to take fruit from their meals back to their cells to eat as a snack later, which is also a plus.

If you will be serving time in Humboldt County Jail, it is important that you be familiar with the gangs that dominate the inmate population here. For example, if you have a choice, you should not wear blue to be booked in at this jail because this signals that you are affiliated with a gang that is a minority in this jail. Becoming familiar with gang colors and gang signs, and avoiding getting involved in gang problems can help you stay out of a lot of trouble while you are in Humboldt County.

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