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LA County Jail

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Interview with Albert, Borata, Keith, Jon, Innocent17, Acer, Taz, Will and James

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Borata: No lo se........... No one cares to tell me.........
Keith: I was sentenced to 365 days in the county jail.
Jon: I was sentenced for 30 days.
Innocent17: I was NEVER sentenced.
Acer: 3 with half .. got 8 months time served thas how long it took to fight it so I only had 10 months left.. I was thrilled because the possobility of 25 to life was there and I was convinced id b doin at least 10 years. Plus they sent me upstate actually I went to ironwood so not actually north .
Taz: 3 years
Will: A couple hours depending on who else was getting sentenced that day
James: I was sentenced to 1 year.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Borata: yes, horrible, was handcuffed for asking for toiled paper for 24 hours. Martinez is a BIYATTTCCCCCCCcHHHHHHHHHHhh. Quite trifling, I might add!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keith: After being sentenced I was taken back to the basement of the court to the holding tanks, where I waited til the court closed and the county buses came back to pick up the inmates.
Jon: I was in a number of holding cells during the process. The first was a large holding cell, then I was booked and placed in a very small cell all to myself, I believe because I was classified as gay and take a daily prescription drug. I was in this closet sized cell for about 6 hours. I was then handcuffed, taken in a bus to Twin Towers Correctional Facility (from the downtown criminal courthouse). I was shuffled around from cell to cell, where I never knew what time it was (this is a constant). I was taken to a medical wing to see a number of nurses and doctors because of the prescription drug. Then after about 14 hours since surrender was taken to a cell block with other inmates listed in the medical wing, classified as homosexual.
Acer: F*k yah nonstop tanks n then they moved me to a diff dorm which was all sentenced people waiting to go to prison . If u weren't here u just go back to ur bunk. It was cool everyone was glad to finally get the court over with and know they're fate instead of not knowing and thinking of all the possibilities. Plus we got to bounce from that bullsh*t county jail and get to kick back in prison
Taz: Was already in custody so went back to LA County Jail.
Will: Right after you get sentenced, you get placed back in a holding cell until everyone is completely finished. This process could take hours. Then you get hand cufffed and chained with your group of people and go into a bus
James: After every court date you always wait in a holding cell. The holding cells are usually about 25 square feet and you wait with about 15 to 25 other individuals.

Life On the Inside
Just because you might know someone who is serving time in the Los Angeles County jail doesn't mean that life stops on the outside. If a family emergency should occur, you can always contact the office of Religious and Volunteer services to get a message to an inmate. Beyond that you will have to wait until they call or you go for a visit.

While on the inside, inmates have a lot of time on their hands to reflect on how they got there and take the opportunity to improve their lot in life. There was a time when weights and work-out machines were quite common in the prison population but not any more. If an inmate in the Los Angeles County jail wants to stay in shape, they have to do it the old fashioned way with simple sit ups, push ups or crunches.

Passing the Time in LA County Jail
Each dorm in the jail houses anywhere between 60 to 100 inmates. There is a television for viewing but try to get 60 people to agree what to watch! Reading is a good way for inmates to pass the time and stay out of trouble. If they are reading they are keeping to themselves which is the best way to avoid conflicts.

Along with the jail library, family members can send books to an inmate directly from on-line stores like Amazon. Beyond that inmates are allow to go outside at least once a week for an hour at the LA County jail but this is an opportunity that is ripe for gang activity and unless they are affiliated it is best to avoid that situation all together.

For the best meals an inmate should become a trustee. They are given food that is a bit of an upgrade from the general population meals. Every inmate can order other snacks from the commissary for a weekly pickup.

Good Behavior Policy
As you might expect, the Los Angeles County Jail facility is extremely crowded given the overall size of the population. That's good news for inmates who have been convicted of a non-violent crime. Chances are they might only have to do 25% of their sentence. Unlike other jails, the LA County Jail good behavior is awarded to inmates who stay out of trouble. They don't have to work or take classes to earn the time.

Visit and Telephone Policy
If you visit an inmate at LA County, you'll have to present a valid photo ID. Kids under the age of 16 will have to be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times. Not only will visitors be subjected to a physical search but they might also have to have a background check on their own past to be admitted.

Telephones are turned on for the inmates throughout the day provided there hasnít been any trouble in the dorm. Inmates can either make collect calls or use pre-paid phone cards from the commissary.

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