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Interview with Albert, Borata, Keith, Jon, Innocent17, Acer, Taz, Will and James

JM: Did you have regular access to telephones?
Albert: IN DORMS, YES.
Borata: no
Keith: We have access to phones during the day while in the dayroom, usually from 6 AM to 8 PM.
Jon: Yes. There were about three telephones in the room.
Innocent17: At the jail it's self there was regular access to the telephones. Court was a completely different story. The Sheriff would turn the phones off whenever they felt like it.
Acer: Collect
Taz: No
Will: You could only use them from around 7 am to 10 pm
James: yes there are 4 phones

JM: What types of charges applied for calling people? How much money would you guess the average inmate spends per week on phone calls?
Borata: who knows, was never allowed to make a phone call
Keith: $3 connection fee, and then 50cents a minute.
Jon: I only made collect calls. I'm sure it would be best to get a calling card and memorize the number, since very rarely do cell phones accept collect calls.
Innocent17: $3.00 for the 1st minute on a collect call .08 cent for each additional min
Taz: Unsure
Will: I think the first minute is $3 and every minute after that is 15 cents
James: its about a 2.50 charge to connect people and about 19 cents per minute. only people who can afford to make calls will. an average person would spend about 20 dollars a week on calls

JM: Did you need to buy phone cards to call out?
Borata: dude, see above answer bonehead!!!
Keith: You could, if you were not able to call collect. Like to be able to call someone on a cell phone, you would either need a calling card or they would have to set up a prepaid account with a credit card.
Jon: No.
Taz: N/A
Will: You could either purchase phone cards or have the person you're calling pay for it
James: no I didn't but other people did

JM: Did the jail screen your calls?
Borata: they disected me, so what does that tell you? BUTTFUCCCC!@!!!!!!
Keith: Yes, our calls are monitored and recorded.
Jon: Yes, all calls can be screened. You wont receive any notification if your calls are screened or not.
Innocent17: You know they do.
Taz: Yes
Will: Before each call there would be a recording saying this this call may be monitored
James: the jail screens every ones calls

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