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Interview with Albert, Borata, Keith, Jon, Innocent17, Acer, Taz, Will and James

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Borata: no, by my lonesome chained to the metal bench, across the phone booth, no food, no water, no toilet and I was on my rag. would not even let me change my pad and I was leaking all over my white jeans.
Keith: No.
Jon: I kept to myself for the most part, which was fairly easy to do. Any conversation I had was to answer a question like "why are you here", etc. I found that you will rarely encounter trouble if you keep to yourself and engage very little with anyone even the guards.
Innocent17: Since I'm a fairly big guy and I'm an English Speaking Hispanic, I found a wide acceptance within the dorm. I got along fine with other like me, the "paisas" the non english speaking hispanics and the whites AKA the "woods". The only thing that made things difficult were the STUPID rules. No showering with the blacks ALWAYS ALWAYS have your shoes on while on the floor. No fraternizing with the blacks anywhere near your bed. No sleeping more than 3 hrs during the day
Acer: Not really everyone was cool n respectful n just did their time. Stick wit your people and it'll b alright . Most of the fighting was the blacks fighting each other .it was hard to get along with them because they fight in plain sight and get the dorm slammed down n they stink n are loud and don't shower or program at all.
Taz: Yes, an attempt was made on my life because I talked to much about my case.
Will: As long as you aren't involved or associated with a gang, I believe that everyone in there is just trying to do their time and get out. Everybody is pretty much in the same boat so everybody for the most part got along
James: Its very difficult to get along with other inmates, dealing with so many different personalities, missing family, not having enough personal space, and dealing with court and the law trying to give people unnecessary puniishments.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Borata: nothing!!! I was trying to fight or talk to everyone just to get attention but no one even wanted to talk to me except for the 3 inmates in the cell to the right of mine.
Keith: Mind your own business and be respectful of everyone else, and you are ok.
Jon: The least information anyone has about you the better, I think. I was challenged once and I just held my ground in a confident and non-aggressive way, and the situation dissolved quickly.
Innocent17: Play these STUPID punching games with the dorm bullfag and punch him back HARD. NOT FLINCH no matter what. SHARE with MY RACE. Be social, even when I didn't feel up to it. Pick on the "bitch".
Acer: Politics follow them . Be respectful . Always say excuse me . Don't let nobody take advantage of u or punk u. Only fight I. Got in was my 13 second discipline by the big homys kuz I made a mistake
Taz: Kept more to myself had a few select friends but never talked at length about my case with them.
Will: I tried to keep myself occupied as much as I could through reading and working out. Exercising your body and mind is the best way to cope with the time that you are giving up. I also talked with other inmates about their experiences and why they are here to pass up time.
James: I slept a lot and stayed in my own space. I read books, magazines, newspapers watched television, worked out, got on the phone wrote letters and wrote music. a lot, stayed with only a few inmates so I didn't have to deal with many people and their unessesary drama. I stayed

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Albert: NO.
Borata: God!
Keith: No.
Jon: This question is unclear.
Innocent17: No.
Acer: Hell no .. depends
Taz: No I was not able to choose a cellmate. I was moved to an area where I had my own cell after the attempt on my life. While there the officers woul dtransfer out people once in awhile to main line to make room for new people. I ended up getting a keep away status so I could not be moved.
Will: From what I understand, it was basically impossible to do that. When you are incarcerated, you basically have no rights. You don't get to make any type of requests or decisions.
James: yes I was able to choose my cell mate, based on race and what part of the city they were from. they would usually change about every month or so.

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