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Visitor Policy

Interview with Hugh, Jennifer and Johnny

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Hugh: 1 hour per visit, 2 visits per week. It resets on Sunday. They just changed it... it used to be one hour a week total.
Jennifer: You can recive vistors twicwe a week for an hour each time.. There was no visiting on fridays for women.
Johnny: I could receive visitors on a daily basis. I believe that this was the case for all of the inmates unless they were being held in isolation for disciplinary purposes.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Hugh: Not really. You had to show your ID and let them know who you are there to see. If you are in protective custody you are limited to attorney rooms (there are only 2). There were 73 guys that needed to use those 2 rooms.
Jennifer: Dependinding if you wanted to see someone and showed up early then you had to wait a long time but you had your positon saved but if you dont come early theres a chance you may not get to see that person
Johnny: I am not sure if it was or not. I believe that they had to wait for a few minutes or longer. They could cut down the amount of time that they waited the closer to the beginning of the visiting period they arrived. But agian, i am not sure if the check-in process was lengthy or not; my visitors never commented on this to me.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Hugh: Some of the rooms had 10 phones in each room. You always have a glass between you. If you worked on the farm you could have contact visits.
Jennifer: I was Pc so i had an atterney both wich was small but nice becuas it was private and quiet. i enjoyed my visits but time went by so fast when i had visits which was annoing. time was fast in the visiting room but slow the rest of the time.
Johnny: It is a long room. The area where the inmates sit is roughly 8 feet deep by 30 feet long. There are roughly 12 metal stools and a glass window with thick glass separating the inmates from the visitors. The visitors's area is shaped like the area where the inmates go into. There are telephones embeded in the glass. As an inmate, you have to hold the receiver up to your face and speak into it to speak with your visitor. I found the cords connecting the phones to the glass window to be annoyingly short and hard to deal with.

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