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Interview with Ralph, Rachel, Fred, Craig and Joe

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Ralph: 150 days
Rachel: I was sentenced for 45 days, it was part of the plea agreement so it was already known and agreed to once the p,ea was signed.
Fred: one hundred and fifty days
Craig: The original sentence, or the revised one?
Joe: I originally accepted an offer to serve 10 days in jail(6 days with good time, however the laws have been changed and I believe you have to do the straight ten now on a DUI)plus 50 days ankle monitoring at a cost of about 14 dollars a day I think, probation for 2 years with monitored sobriety at a cost of $50 a month. I believe 46 weeks of classes at $18 a class. A victim impact panel at $25. ^0 some hours of community service. Plus everyday you are required to call into a number to see whether or not you have to go get a drug test that day. If you don't you risk revocation of your probation which will land you back in jail. You can expect to take a 100 drug screens over a 2 year period at an average cost of $15 per test.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Ralph: no
Rachel: I unfortunately turned myself in on a Friday and was sent to Denvercity jail. It was awful! I don't drink or do drugs and shared 3 days in a little cell with 2 crackheads.
Fred: yes i did actually, I had to turn myself into city jail until being released then to get another turn in date into county jail where the sentencing will begin.
Craig: Yes. It was TERRIBLE. Denver doesn't have holding cells. They have holding tanks. Rooms with a bench along the walls, atoilet in the corner, and anywhere from 1 to standing-room- only amount of people crammed in them.
Joe: Upon remanding myself into custody, I was transported down to a holding cell for a couple of hours the taken via a tunnel to the booking area. You are virtually free to move about the area until your name is called and watch TV while waiting to be booked. This process took me 9 hours when I was there. They will feed you a bagged bologna sandwich lunch. After you are booked, you will be taken to change clothes and then taken up to the 2nd floor where you will stay until you are assigned a pod. You will be locked down 23 out the 24 hrs, until you get assigned to a pod. My experience is that I got assigned the next morning. The mattresses were comfortable in the 2-man cell. There are 32 cells, so their is up to 64 men in a pod. Breakfast is served around 5:30AM, Lunch at 10:30AM, and dinner at around 5-6PM.

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