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Duval County Jail

501 East Bay Street
Jacksonville, FL
Phone:(904) 630-2100

Interview with Bill, Rochelle, Joyce, Mikey, Eric, Kirk, Janelle and Claudia

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Bill: 1 Year County Jail
Rochelle: 3 years
Joyce: My case was dismissed after the details emerged.
Mikey: i was sentenced to 14 days
Eric: This was answered in the preceding question. I received 18 months of Community Control (House Arrest) which was later reduced to probation.
Kirk: 60 Days county jail and 2 years probation
Janelle: I spent a day in jail, and they gave me time served.
Claudia: Three year. I spent five months in Duval County.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Bill: Same holding cell prior to sentencing.
Rochelle: Yes, it took hours for them to come and get me and then assign me to a cell.
Joyce: The holding cell was extememly cold and we were crowded in there one by one as we came from the courtroom. There was no toilet in there and standing room only
Mikey: yes in the county courthouse i did and i was horrible very dark and depressinganfd the guards there are much more intence then at the jail houseand then theres alot of peopletrying to bring you down with there stories too
Eric: Yes, I was placed in a holding cell nearly every time I was arrested. However, under the somewhat unusual conditions of this particular arrest, I was treated very well and was in the holding cell for less than 2 hours before being released. That is the best I can recall anyway. The holding cell is lonely. Time seems to pass like molasses rolling uphill. It's stark white; everything in there is hard. It isn't designed for comfort!
Kirk: I didnt spend any time in a holding cell after sentencing becuase the judge gave me two weeks to report to finish my sentence. I bonded out after 28 days served.
Janelle: Like I said, the initial appearance was the only court I had in jail. After that they placed all of us in a small cell for hours. It was cold, and we only had one toilet to use.
Claudia: Yes.I had to wait three hours until court was over. By then the cell became packed with women. There was a silver metal toilet with a small metal basin. It was loud and cold.

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