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Closing Advice

Interview with mitchell, Stewart, Adam, Jeffrey, Brent and Daryll

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
mitchell: make sure they wear a couple of plain white tees and some undies and really thick socks they should let you keep them if not you will have to buy them
Stewart: be ready to stand on your own because the staff wants to do as little as possible and they really do not care what happens to anyone in there at all, ive seen it take about 7 minutes for c/o`s to come break up a fight and they wont come on the block until all the other inmates lock themselves in there cell
Adam: That it is very expensive to keep in touch and that you can go to I think to order things for them. the jail is tough to communicate with and answer question. mom said that everyone up there had attitudes and hard time doing things.
Jeffrey: bail them out . do it quickly, especially if they had any kind of medical condition that needed om going care. if they have to stay in that jail put money on their books so they don't starve
Brent: put up your house, your jewelry or whatever you could to get bail money because this place is nasty, horrible food, medical is a joke so get whoever you care about in there out on bail
Daryll: I still live in Escambia county and I do not get in trouble any more because of that jail and the conditions there but if I had a friend going there I would tell them to make sure they bring enough money to eat so they don't starve because at this jail they give child size portions and the food is nasty.

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
mitchell: just keep to your self and always make the co feel like they are right do not try to explain any thing cuz they will think you r trying to argue n they will put you in the tank or worse best thing just be cool find a good book, a good friend and stick to yourself don't get into the drama that surrounds you always keep your comment to yourself
Stewart: when they go to court ask the judge to please send them to state prison instead. at least there there is movement, rec yard, asperin available when you have a headache not 6 hours later, there are jobs, church services and classes
Adam: Be patient about anything. If you have a problem with something or need something done they are slow to get things done compaired to other jails I have been in. And be sure you have money..Seems like it is a business not a jail
Jeffrey: do what ever you could to avoid it, bail out if you are in and if you know you will get time when you go to court run for your life
Brent: make sure you have money to buy commissary and keep in mind that they charge you a booking fee and also $2.00 a day to keep you locked up so make sure you have enough money to be housed like an animal
Daryll: I would tell them to stay out of trouble and get a trustee job so they can get out faster, mind your own business and don't talk back to the officers unless you want to get your head knocked in

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Stewart: fl. state prison twice and pa state prison one time
Adam: Holmes County Jail in Bonifay Florida Tift County Jail in Tifton Georgia Turner County Jail in Ashburn Georgia and Quantico jail...was a detainee....
Jeffrey: florida state prison at the Desoto facility
Brent: fl state prison Desoto camp and also century
Daryll: dade county jail, broward county jail, florida state prison in Desoto, century, and river junction. also the ocean county jail in toms river n.j. and Burlington county jail in mt. holly n.j. and the phiadelphia county jail called c.f.c.f. in philadelphia

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