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Visitor Policy

Interview with mitchell, Stewart, Adam, Jeffrey, Brent and Daryll

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
mitchell: once a day
Stewart: twice a week we were permitted to get visits and the people visiting were discouraged because they had to be there 1 hour prior to the visit time
Adam: they just changed to video visition when I was there. you could have up to 2 visitors a day.
Jeffrey: you were permitted to get visitors twice a week and the conditions were horrible because you could not hear
Brent: you could get visits twice a week and the whole process about visits was real lengthy
Daryll: you could get visits on set days and times depending on what block you were on only twice per week

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
mitchell: yes
Stewart: it was not a lengthy check in but it had to be done an hour prior to the visit time which discouraged visitors from coming
Adam: don't know if it was lengthy cause I haven't asked her but she did not like the fact that you had to come to jail and register the day befor for a visitation time the next day
Jeffrey: the visitors had to be there at least one hour before but they had to get there earlier than that because they would only take a certain amout of visitors due to lack of space
Brent: the check in process was about 60 to 90 minutes to check in but seating was limited so if you wanted to see who you came to see you needed to really be early
Daryll: yes, your visitors had to be there an hour before visit time but since visit space was limited your family was recommended to get there two hours ahead of time to insure a spot on the list

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
mitchell: it sucked you could not even hear neone there ws a big piece of glass between you and no holes to hear thru so you had to shout n everyone heard your conversation
Stewart: they would come to the block and call out names of those being visited and then once out in the hall everyone was patted down and then we would make our way around the jail picking up inmates from other blocks that had visits and of course this would eat into the time allotted for visitation which was 1 hour
Adam: there are 3 video visitation monitors in each dorm and are aloud 40 minutes per visit.. there is a rolling partition they put behind where you sit in one of the plastic chairs. I did hear they might be planning on charging for visitations also. I hated the visitation...just a glorified phone call that you can see them.
Jeffrey: it was horrible. you couldn't barely hear because every one had to talk loud to be able to communicate because of the way it was set up with plexi glass and no phones to communicate on so every body was yelling to be heard over everyone else. it was hot and musty
Brent: it was noisy and crowded and there was no way to have any type of private conversation because it was through a cage with no phones so every body just yelled and yelled to be able to be heard. it was hot and musty and very dirty all the time
Daryll: it was cold and noisy and dirty with a foul odor. every body literally had to yell to be heard over every body else and of course that is a never ending cycle of every body just getting louder and louder, the kids were always running around and it visits were through a cage type screen

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