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Interview with Clarinda

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Clarinda: I was held in the booking cell for two dats before i was even booked.once i was booked in i was held another eight hours before i was even taken up to a Day i was taken to court and told i would be spending 90 days in jail.

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Clarinda: Police came to my house say u had an outstanding warrant for vop.i had just gave birth to my daughter which was one week At the time of arrest there were eight officers as if i were a threat but they were going from house to house of everyone that had warts they were doing a sweep for a month

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Clarinda: Court was a very long process.cell to cell very cold...we got there 8am missed first time for court so we were in cold cell until230pm until we saw the judge which were Susan Camp! No tissue in holding cells it was horrible! Once we seen the judge we had to go back down to holding cell and wait for bus to transport us back to jail

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Clarinda: My original charge was theft by taking in 2005. I were being arrested for no reason because all my fines were paid come to find out..i had 8 years probation 97 hours community service, Six months intense probation so my charges once being picked up was for vop violation of probation

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