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Jail Layout

Interview with Seth, Clark and Lisa

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Seth: there are about 20 blocks
Clark: At the Allen County jail there are a total of 25 separate 'blocks' and they are categorized based upon the severity of the sentences of the people housed there as well as other things, such as protective custody, if they were jail trustees (workers), etc. There were also units for those requiring more close medical watch, suicide watch, etc.
Lisa: I believe there are 4 or five for the women

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Seth: yes they used the alphabet as names then 6 followed by a letter for the new side
Clark: The different blocks did not necessarily have names, they are categorized by letters. The two main 'gen pop' felony blocks are A block and B block, and most low-risk offenders are brought into these blocks, atleast initially. This applies for men, for women it would be blocks P and Q. H block was reserved for the serious offenders (ie murder). The two medical blocks were I and J blocks and trustees lived on U block.
Lisa: Six f is one im not sure about the others

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Seth: they went by security level then females separate from males the men had some in the hole some on open dorms with no cell doors some on blocks with steel doors that lock for medium
Clark: Men and women had their own blocks. Most gen pop inmates lived on blocks A B C and D (Men) or P Q and Y for women. Medically sensitive inmates were housed on I and J blocks. Serious offenders were housed on H block. People undergoing disciplinary measures that had to be removed from the gen pop blocks were sent to isolation blocks. Trustees lived on U block. Protective custody inmates had their own blocks as well.
Lisa: I know six f is for the women who have harder felonies. The other blocks are for women who have not commited such hard crimes. There is a block were they receive better commisary

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Seth: there was no nice part of the block the showers had mold growing on the walls floor and ceiling the tv was kept in a metal box so it was hard to hear they didn't have enough seating and they over crowded the cells on the med. blocks they lock you out your cell with access to only a unsanitary bathroom
Clark: The only blocks that I visited during my stay at the jail was B block (Gen pop), J block (medical) and very briefly block 6A. B block was where I spent most of my time. I remember the inmates being fairly friendly and having a decent amount of freedom to do as I pleased with my day. There were no visits to a gym or outside area though. Everyone was required to be back in their cell for lock down by 9 PM every night, and woken up at 6 AM the following morning. Lights went out at 10 PM. The most annoying block was definitely medical. I spent about a week on J block due to an adverse medication reaction I had soon after arriving onto B block. They are very strict and regimented and I did not like being treated like a person with schizophrenia or severe mood disorders just because I was on a block with a bunch of individuals who did have such disorders. There was very limited space to move around and running was not allowed. Most inmates on these cells spend their entire days inside their own rooms/cells.
Lisa: The chapel and the room where class is by far the nicest and most serene. The medical area is the newest and the cleanest. The showers are by far the very worst. Also the area where you have visitors are very old and outdated. Where you wait for visits is extemly hot in the summer

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