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Visitor Policy

Interview with Jorge, Jeannette and Larry

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Jorge: Once a week, every Thursday (it differs on other floors).
Jeannette: 1 day a week, mondays for my floor. could have 2 visists a day 2 ppl per visit
Larry: You were allowed to visits a week for twenty min at a time, my visiting day was on Wednesday.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Jorge: Not really. They pretty much came in signed their name, made sure they had nothing on them. Then the visitor would ride the elevator up to the visiting room where the visit took place.
Jeannette: nope, lines kinda suck but you wait in line walk in tell the deputy whos there who you wanna visit give him your id and he gives you a time
Larry: Yes, sometimes family and friends had to wait for hours to be able to see you and often times there were two many visitors so they would not end up getting to see you at all, even after they had taken the day off of work just for that reason.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Jorge: Basically you sit in a big room with chairs in a circle. Inmates sat on the outside of the circle and visitors sit across from them on the inside of the circle. They do have visit rooms with glass between inmate and visitor, but the jail doesn't use those because they are being used as storage rooms.
Jeannette: its a small room where we sit across from each other, a deouty stands watch 20 mins later visitors get up and leave get ids back and then your done, yep so this word minimum thing sucks, cuz i have nothing else to say about this question so yep hi
Larry: The visiting environment was very uncomfortable and cold. You were not allowed to touch at all even just to hug your own crying mother, son, or daughter.they always made you sit in your chair and watch ur visitor leave and then ud be immediately strip searched after they had left.

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