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Interview with Ralph and Alex

JM: How many meals did you get per day?
Ralph: 3 meals a day
Alex: There are 3 meals a day.

JM: How would you rate the food? Please give details of why.
Ralph: I never have been to another jail. I guess comparing it to everyday eating I'd give it a 3 or 4.
Alex: The food in Washington county was plentiful although it was not that good. They have a tendency to serve a lot of beans and potato's with out much for flavor left. They do serve a good breakfast if you like cereal and breakfast cake. They do offer salt and pepper to put on your meals to give it flavor.

JM: Did you have any favorite/least favorite meals?
Ralph: They were all about the same made in a different way. Anything with pasta was the worst.
Alex: I liked breakfast because I like cereal. Plus you can take your breakfast cake and mix it with your cereal which tastes good.

JM: Were there any other snacks offered outside of meals? What was commissary like and how expensive was it?
Ralph: They had canteen and food in there was still not good but better then what they served.
Alex: There was no snacks available outside of meals. Commissary was offered twice a week and was decent amount of items offered but there could definitely be more. The commissary is however expensive. For example one Ramen Noodle is $1.00.

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