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Boone County Jail

2121 East County Drive
Columbia, MO 65202-9064
(573) 875-1111

Interview with Rachel, Paula and Lindsey

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Rachel: Well, I spent 30+ days in jail, just trying to get a lawyer so I could have a court date. I was sentenceed to 6 months jail, suspended sentance, with 2 years probation.
Paula: 5 years prison with 5 years probation/parole upon release with restitution of $2000.00
Lindsey: Well since I was not bonded out right away I was supposed to sit sit in ail until my court date which would of been a month I ended up sitting in jail for exactly 23 days.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Rachel: NO.
Paula: Yes. It was a one (1) man cell with a toilet and sink. Spent a couple of hours in it until the docket hearings were completed and the Corrections Officers were able to transport me and the other inmates back to the jail.
Lindsey: I did not spend time in a holding cell after my sentencing because by the time I went to court my sentence was time served and unsupervised probation. Thank God!!!

Life On the Inside
The Boone County Jail is situated north of I-70 a short hop off Highway 63 between Oakland Gravel Road and Prathersville Road in Columbia, Missouri. The campus consists of four buildings. The inmates are housed in three of those buildings.

The model of this facility is based on indirect supervision. This means that correctional officer have a direct view into all the cell blocks at all times by way of large bay windows and cameras. A control room is centered between 5 to 7 housing blocks.

The individual cell blocks can house up to 24 inmates. The maximum amount of inmates the Boone County Jail can accomodate is 210 but the average is usually around 185.

Passing the Time
There are several programs made available to the inmates at Boone County Jail. Among these are Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous as well as various religious oriented ministries. Inmates also have access to education programs to complete their GED. There is a library and access to public funded legal services.

Three meals are served every day and the food was rated as "good" by a recent inmate. Additionally, that inmate spoke of staying out of trouble by going along with the crowd. Instead of making waves if another inmate asked for something, you give it to them and best "mind your own business."

Good Behavior Policy
In Missouri an inmate is given good-time credit if that have served their sentences "orderly and peacefully." This means staying out of trouble and not getting written up by the guards. For Class A or B felony offenders they are given one month off for every year of their sentence (one year = eleven months). A Class C or D felony offender is allowed two months of for each year provided that stay on good behavior for the duration of their time there.

Visiting/Phone Policy
In terms of phone calls there is a double charge attached to each call. First you have to pay the carrier who places the call and then the person you call will have to accept the collect charges. These rates can vary depending on the location of the call.

Visitors are allowed in Monday through Sunday in the mornings between 8:30 and 9:30 for the men and 9:45 and 10:45 for the women. There is an additional hour in the evening for visiting hours. The day you can visit is based on the last name of the inmate. Monday is for A-B, Tuesday for C-F, etc. The cut off age for visitors is 16 and every visitor must have a valid photo ID.

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