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Leisure Time

Interview with Sparkie, Craig and Allison

JM: What types of facilities were available to help pass the time?
Sparkie: gym when they finally opened it after a month, cards, TV
Craig: Not much. We had a small weight room. You can watch TV, play cards and play basketball.
Allison: None. a tv, some books- not many. Outside time was limited- sometimes once a week, sometimes 3 times a week. There was a gym for rainy days or inclimate weather. They had limited weights, a stationery bike and basketball nets. Most of us walked around the gym's perimeter for excercise.

JM: Did you have regular access to the entertainment or was competition fierce? Give details.
Sparkie: tv always on when not in lock down
Craig: We had three TV's in our cell block. In the morning we watched news on one TV and movies on the other. The third TV was on the spanish stations. We all agreed on what to watch. At night we watched baseball, mostly the Yankee's.
Allison: We all had regular access but 20-40 women with 1 tv sometimes meant arguing and fighting.The more aggresive girls usually commanded what we watched. The same shows were always on, very little varity. On the weekends the correctional officers played movies- selection was entirely theirs. Most movies were pretty good.

JM: Did you have a hard time staying in shape while in jail?
Sparkie: no
Craig: No, You don't get alot of food unless you have a commisary accout set up (which I did). Your not going to gain alot of weight with the amount of food you get. Prior to setting up my comissary account I was starving all the time. And I'm not a big person I enjoy eating.
Allison: Oh YES. And I walked regularly 20 minutes daily around my unit. Most of us gained a good deal of wait in jail.

JM: How often did you get to go outside? What did you do outside if you were allowed to? If you were not allowed to go outside what could you do for exercise?
Sparkie: 4 hrs every day
Craig: We were able to go outside every day. We alternated with the cell block next to us.
Allison: Again, outside was 0 - 3 times a week with nothing to do. a small court to walk or just sit in the fresh air.

JM: Did the jail offer church services? If so, what were they like and when were they held?
Sparkie: yes hard to get to
Craig: I think they do. I wasn't there long enough to find out the details.
Allison: Yes. I am Jewish and when I requested to see a Rabbi, a local Chabbad sent one quickly. He was able to bring me religious books, and traditional foods for holidays. Meant the world to me!

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