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Interview with Zach

JM: How many meals did you get per day?
Zach: You received three meals per day, unless you didn't wake up. If you were in a cell you couldn't always hear meal call and they would not wake you up. They were served at six AM, noon and around five oclock. People with diabetes would get a late night snack. If you were smart, you would save some food for the middle of the night or if a meal really was unedible.

JM: How would you rate the food? Please give details of why.
Zach: The food if you ate it for any period of time without anything else, would cause serious health problems. It was all fat and high sugar carbs. The menu never changed and they must have bought the food from somewhere that could not have sold it anywhere else. It was disgusting and lacked any nutritional value.

JM: Did you have any favorite/least favorite meals?
Zach: They would serve the aame stuff over and over agian. This included the worst meats you could imagine. The only thing I would ever eat was the apple cobbler. I would trade my other stuff for the cobbler, sometimes eating five helpings of it. They would give out jucie boxes, which wasn't juice at all. Breakfast was the best, mostley becasue they had milk which was your only source of protein the entrie day.

JM: Were there any other snacks offered outside of meals? What was commissary like and how expensive was it?
Zach: Once a week you could order from a list of things if your family put mony on your books. I would always get thirty candy bars which was the max just to suplement my diet with real food. Other snacks included cakes or chips in little packaged bags. The prices were reasonable, but you had to watch out for the poor people who didn't have any money. They would go after others stuff any way they could.

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