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Leisure Time

Interview with Dodo and Misty

JM: What types of facilities were available to help pass the time?
Dodo: small outdoor yards were available on most pods, there was a big gym, but rec time was not regular in the summer, in winter big gym was used only if outside temp fell below a defined temperature. Most guys wanted more big gym time, a lot of females would sit and not take advantage of rec time.
Misty: Mostly just watching TV. Occasionally you would have access to books that you could read. They had playing cards and little headset radios that could be purchased from commissary of you had the money. Other than that most people just watched TV or write letters to their family. Or wrote poems.

JM: Did you have regular access to the entertainment or was competition fierce? Give details.
Dodo: female pod had 2 shared tvs., there was often fighting about which show to watch. There was scrabble, and a library of beat-up books. cards were played, and radios could be purchased for about $35, entertainment was limited.
Misty: Every inmate in the pod had to watch one TV there were about fifty to sixty people on each pod. So there was a lot of fighting over what was going to be watched. Mostly it was just sports that was watched or the corrections officer would pick out what to watch.

JM: Did you have a hard time staying in shape while in jail?
Dodo: staying in shape is about personal motivation. there were not organized fitness programs, easy to sit around and gain weight.
Misty: No we were allowed to walk around do mostly you could walk stairs and we get one hour of indoor rec

JM: How often did you get to go outside? What did you do outside if you were allowed to? If you were not allowed to go outside what could you do for exercise?
Dodo: as mentioned earlier, there were small concrete yards. females liked to play volleyball but had an old, hard basketball that left the female's forearms bruised. administration would not allow a volleyball, even if donated.
Misty: You can go outside everyday. There is a basketball hoop. At lockdown you have to come back in. One time everyday you get one hour in indoor rec

JM: Did the jail offer church services? If so, what were they like and when were they held?
Dodo: a number of protestant services, just started catholic group, self-led Muslim group, overseen by chaplain...pork-free jail, so sensitive to religious dietary restrictions.
Misty: Yes there was church arrive one time per week. It was okay they had outside people come in and taught.

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