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Interview with Tonya

JM: How many meals did you get per day?
Tonya: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you had food in your bin from store orders you could make your own food .

JM: How would you rate the food? Please give details of why.
Tonya: The girls working in the kitchen tried hard to make it the best they could. It wasn't too bad. It just got boring seeing that it was the same menu of maybe a dozen or so entrees just switched to different days of the week. Breakfast almost always consisited of some form of eggs which was monotonous.

JM: Did you have any favorite/least favorite meals?
Tonya: Saturdays were always pancakes which were good. Sundays were eggs(again) but with homefries which was nice n]but always gave me a stomach ache.

JM: Were there any other snacks offered outside of meals? What was commissary like and how expensive was it?
Tonya: Yes through the weekly store order. Mostly junk like swiss rolls, honey buns, candy, cookies, tons of ramen noodles which people would make all different kinds of meals with , Pretty amazing actually what some could make with limited ingredients.

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